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   Now that the Mahalaxmi Township is getting ready... (September 12, 1985)

Now that the Mahalaxmi Township is getting ready, the organisers of the centenary celebrations are busy finding a name for the township. Several names have been suggested and rejected, among them are.

Rajiv Nagar. It was felt that while it was a most appropriate name, Mr. Gandhi, being a man of low profile, except on Doordarshan, may not like his name to be used.

Smt. Indira Gandhi Nagar. This name was readily acceptable to most quarters and was almost adopted. However, it was later felt that the late prime minister's name should be given to the actual venue of the deliberations the Brabourne Stadium, and not for just a place where the delegates would be staying.

Hundred Year's Township. This name was almost sent to New Delhi when the chief minister stopped it. He very rightly pointed out that such a name would make the people of Bombay think that the racecourse was being taken over permanently or at least for the next 100 years, and may cause public agitation.

Murli Deora Dham. A lot of people were of the view that it would be a fitting reward to the man who has done so much to organise the session in Bombay and were in favour of the name. However in equal number were opposed to it. Mr. Deora himself said he did not want any reward for his work, since what he was doing was only his duty, as his leader had asked him to.

Nilangekar Pratisthan. Though it is normal to name a new township after the chief minister, there were not many who were for it. It was pointed out that not many people outside Maharashtra, including Congressmen from other parts of the country, knew who Mr. Patil-Nilangekar was and the name may cause some confusion, leading to a number of delegates getting lost.

Raheja Colony or Maker Colony or Lokhandwalla Colony or Dalamal Colony. At one stage it was even suggested that different parts of the racecourse should be handed over to the different builders to develop for the Congress township. However, it was pointed out that once the builders got hold of the plots, they would never return them and construct multi storeyed buildings.

Friends Colony. At one stage it was felt that a name not associated with any particular person or event would be a good idea. The majority of organisers, however, felt that such a name would be against the Congress culture.

Jawaharlal Nehru Nagar. In view of Nehru's great love for Bombay, which he often described as his favourite city, this was considered an appropriate name. How ever, Delhi was reported to have rejected it as it felt that too much concentration on one family may turn out to be counter productive.

So, finally, it has been left to Rediffusion, the Congress party's advertising agency to find a name for the Mahalaxmi township.

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