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   To assist the more than 2, 00, 000 Congressmen...... (December 26, 1985)

To assist the more than 2, 00, 000 Congressmen who are coming to Bombay today, some of them for the first time I have prepared a brief guide of the city and its citizens.

Where you are staying is Mahalaxmi Racecourse and not Tilak Nagar. So, if you get lost and want to find. Your way home, ask for Mahalaxmi Racecourse. Similarly, if you are going to your meeting and want directions, ask for Brabourne Stadium and not Indira Nagar.

Most Bombay people will go out of their way to help you they are very friendly by nature. However, if you come across gentlemen with large stomaches, wearing shorts and North Star shoes, avoid them. They are what we refer to as joggers and they may not be very friendly.

When you talk to a Bombayman, you do not have to add "Ji" to his name as you do in Delhi and the North. So Godbole is Godbole and not Godboleji and it is Thackeray and not Thackerayji.

Remember that the food that you will be eating for the next three days, provided by your party, is not typical Bombay food. So do not go back home with the impression that all Bombay people eat is one idli, three puris and bhaji.

If you visit the industrial exhibition at Cross Maidan, which I am sure you will, do not say aloud any thing about how right your government is in raiding industrialists. Unlike anywhere else in the country, in Bombay the people like their industrialists and sympathise with them.

Take advantage of your stay in Bombay. After listening to you speeches and passing you resolutions and seeing the dance ballet of Mrs. Vyjayantimal Bali, MP visit some of Bombay's art galleries, parks (there is lovely view of the city from museum, National Park).

For the members of the Youth Congress, I am preparing a separate guide on the city's red light area, which, I can assure them, is much bigger than the one in Nagpur.

Make your stay in the cit y an enjoyable affair and feel perfectly at home. And, when you leave, try and leave the city more or less as it was before you came.

And one final point of advice Remember, from where you came, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi may be No.1, in Bombay the No. 1 is Mr. Murli Deora.

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