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   I notice there is some confusion in the minds... (January 28, 1986)

I notice there is some confusion in the minds of the citizens over the change of the name of Bombay to Mumbai. There should not be. Actuall, there are two cities, Bombay and Mumbai.

Bombay is where foreigners arrive at the Sahar airport and then spend the next three hours going through the immigration and customs formalities. Mumbai is where Chief Minister Shivajirao Patil-Nilangekar arrives at Santa Cruz airport everytime he comes back from Delhi or Nagpur, which frequent.

Bombay is Mr. Murli Deora's constituency, where people dress like Mr. Deora and talk like him, Mumbai is Dr. Datta Samant's constituency and, to a lesser extent, Mr. Sunil Dutt's constituency.

Also, Bombay is where the prime minister sends his letter appreciating the work of Mr. Deora to. Mumbai is where the postal services do not deliver letters or do so after great delays, since most of them, including those in foreign countries, do not know where Mumbai is.

Bombay is where people speak in Bandra-English and Bombay-Hindu. Mumbai is where people speak in Bombay-Marathi.

The sheriff, Mr. T.K. Tope, is the sheriff of Bombay. The mayor Mr. Chaggan Bhujbal, is the mayor of Mumbai, or more correct, mahapurush of Mumbai.

Sandeep Patil is captain of Bombay, Sunil Gavaskar, after he has retired from Test cricket at the end of next year, will continue to play for Mumbai. He may even be elected to parliament from Mumbai. But Michael Fereira represents whoever pays him more, Bombay, or Mumbai. As he himself says: "Why should I care about who I represent! Look, how much they are paying cricketers!"

Flora Fountain is Bombay, but Hutatma Chowk is Mumbai, and everybody is requested, if he has not been doing so already to refer to it as Hutatma Chowk. Similarly, VT is Bombay, or Bombayish, but Nagar Chowk is Mumbai.

The uncrowned kings of Bombay used to be Mr. S. K. Patil, later Mr. Rajni Patel, but there is no uncrowned king of Bombay now. Mr. Bal Thackeray could have been the king of Bombay, but he preferred to be king of Mumbai.

The Gateway of India is definitely very much Bombay. But its tow sides, where the plaques are, are Mumbai. In years to come, every Republic Day, the mayor of Mumbai, if he happens to be Shiv Sena mayor, will garland the plaques saying Mumbai.

Finally, all that is bad and ugly and dirty is Bombay. All that is beautiful is Mumbai. Therefore it is known as Sundar Mumbai.

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