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   Shortly after the last monsoon, in September 1989... (February 20, 1990)

Shortly after the last monsoon, in September 1989, some men came and dug up the pavement in front of our house. I had a talk with one of them and he told me they were laying the line, they were digging the place, then some other people will come lay the line, then they will return and fill the place, then the municipality will come and repave it.

Three weeks later, the pavement was still dug (one man had fallen into the hole one night, but he was drunk) and no telephone people had come to lay the line. However, the telephones stopped working. When one of the telephone-owners contacted the Telephone-Bhavan, he was told, “You are getting a new exchange.”

Then, in October, some men came and dug an eight-feet wide trech paralle to the earlier telephone trench. I had a talk with the mukadam and he informed me that some men will be coming and laying a drain.

Four weeks later, men did some with the drainge pipe, very large and very impressive, but they did not lay them in the trenches, after much shouting and singing in chorus, they unloaded them from trucks and left them on the remaining part of the pavement.a family that was living on the open pavement, moved into one of the large drain pipe, exactly as you see them in photographs in newspapers.

In November, men came with pickaxes and hammers and made deep holes in the road, that part of the road that has not been dug up. A man supervising the digging told me it was being done by the BEST for electric cables would bever come, but they came. They were piled up against our building and out neighbouring buidling. One night, a scooter fell in one of the holes, but the scooter driver was a learner-driver.

In December, the entire road in front of our house was dug by men who came with machines, and asked a man who was operating them, what they were doing. They were digging the road, he said, other machines would come and resurface it.

We waited for the other machines to come. They did not come. Several vehicles broke down on the road, taxi-drivers refused to come in our direction.

Last month, more men came. Since there was nothing more left to dig, they dug what had been dug. I do not know what they were going to lay, but, in the process, one of them hit an electric wire somewhere and all the lights in the area went off. The BEST said it could not locate the wire and repair it unless it did note digging. And, in principle, it was opposed to digging up places unnecessarily or for minor reasons.

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