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   The Eurotunnel... (March 12, 1990)

The Eurotunnel, as you must have read in the papers, is ready. A man can get into it in England, walk through it 130 ft. under the seabed, and come out in France. Impressed by the speed and efficiency of this work, the Bombay Municipal Corporation, which has taken two years to build a tunnel from Churchgate Station to Asiatic Stores and is still nowhere near its completion, is thinking of asking the Eurotunnel consortium to take over the job.

A special committee of the BMC met last week, Mayor Bhujbal in the chair and Municipal Commissioner Padmanabhaiah acting as the ex-officio secretary.

The mayor called the meeting to order and said: "I now call the meeting to order. The commissioner has presented me with a work-in-process report, with his comments, which shows that if we leave the Churchgate subway to our engineers and contractors, it is not likely to be completed before the year 2000. The situation is grave and we have to think of other methods of completing the work. And suggestions."

A corporator put up his hand and siad: "Can we enlist the services of Sheriff Chudasama?"

"This is a corporation matter, let us keep it within the corporation," said the mayor. "The commissioner will now present his proposal."

The commissioner shuffled through his files, took out the relevant papers and read from them: "If is proposed that tenders be invited for the completion of the work on the Churchgate subway from the Eurotunnel consortium. The tenders will have to be in triplicate, with four copies of each copy of the triplicate, to be placed in separate envelopes and sealed. No direct correspondence will be entertained in the matter."

A corporator said: "We cannot just hand over a major project like the pedestrian subway to any company. We will have to know more about the company before we do so. What other projects it has undertaken besides constructing one simple tunnel under the English Chaneel."

The commisssioner said: "Relevant documents on the consortium's profile will be distributed to the members by the deputy municipal commissioner."

Another corporator said: "It has come to our notice, time and again, that whenever a project is handed over to a foreign company, the charges are considerably enhanced without an margin of the increased without any margine of the increased charges coming back to the corporation."

"The matter will be looked into," said the mayor. "I now propose to take two terms of corporators, one to England and one to Grance, to study the project there. Corporators the project there. Corporators will idicate their choice on whether they want to go to England or France to my secretary."

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