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   Early morning at the Sahar international air terminal... (December 2, 1986)

Early morning at the Sahar international air terminal.

“Welcome back, Mr. Kapil Dev, how did the tour go?”

“Well….er...well, it was a very good tour, the 1985-86 Australia season. We enjoyed playing very much, all the boys with Australia and New Zealand.” (Smiles).

“Mr. Kapil Dev, how do you explain India’s defeat after so much was expected from the team?”

“Well…er…well, you know how it is, you win some, you lose some. The boys put up their best, there was no shirking, but you know, well you can’s win them all. After all, others also have to win some times,” (Smiles).

“Would you say the weather did not help your team?”

“Well, I don’t want to make excuses, but we did have had bad weather. As you know, we ran into some very bad weather, the boys missed the practice matches. Yes, the weather was bad.” (Large smile).

“What about the umpiring? You have been complaining about the umpiring.”

“Well…no…I have not been complaining, exactly. We did say we were disappointed with some of the decisions of the Australian umpires. I mentioned that and later our manager, Venkat, explained our position. I do not want to say anything more on the subject, it is closed, though Venkat and I will be submitting a full report to our board.”

“Would you say India would have fared better if the umpiring was up to standard?”

“Well…er…it is difficult to say these things. But, certanly, if one or two important decisions had not gone against us, the story may have been different. Of course, it is all a part of the game, you win some, you lose some.” (Very large smile).

“Who would you say performed best in your team?”

“Well….all the boys peformed well though there were one or tow cases where I had better expectations. Chetan Sharma played above my expectations. There is a lot of good cricket in that boy….you know…Haryana Hurricane. Azharuddin showed good promise, though, unfortunately, he was unlucky. Srikkanth played well during the earlier part of the tour, then lost form at a critical stage. Vengsarkar played some good innings, and, of course, Ravi. All the boys played well,” (Smiles).

“What about Gavaskar?”

“Well… you know, he is the Little Master. Sir Don Bradman paid him a tribute.”

“And how do you feel now that you have returned home?”

“Happy, naturally. After all, we are the world champions.” (Large smile).

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