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   As another Indian cricket season starts... (July 10, 1991)

As another Indian cricket season starts, I provide here a list of standard observations that you may make from time to time:

Our batsmen can match the best in the world, what we lack is a set of penetrating bowlers.

Ashok Mankad is the shrewdest cricket brain in the country today, it is about time we followed the example of Australia and England and made him into a permanent circuiting manager.

Thanks to the board, our players have had absolutely no cricket last season. How can you expect them to run into form straightaway! (This you may say at the start of the season.)

Thanks to the board, our players have been having too much cricket: Sharjah then the series with Pakistan, then Australia, then the World Cup. How do you except them to retain their form and continue playing at peak condition! (This you may say towards the end of the season.)

Kapil Dev, that old warhourse.

It is catches that win matches.

The best news is that Ravi Shatri has recovered his old bowling arm; he is bowling as well as he did in 1985... better.

It is too premature to push. Vinod Kambli into big cricket. His technique is all wrong, he plays every ball away from his body. The Pakistani and West Indies bowlers will swallow him up.

It does not matter which team has won and which team has lost, the important thing is cricket has won.

Never mind the limited-overs cricket, I think we should do well in the Tests.

Never mind the Tests, I think we should do well in the limited over cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar, child prodigy.

It is at times like these that we realise the importance of having a solid influence like Vengsarkar in the batting line-up.

I am not concerned about Azharuddin, it is this approach of out cricket authorities that I am worried about. Just one or two disappointing series and the captain is dropped, never mind all the good work of cementing the team together that Azharuddin has done in the previous tours.

It is not a question of whether the players should be allosed to wear advertisement logos and me some extra money, it is a question of the board being committed to an official logo as per the rules of the tournament.

If Pakistani can produce so many fast bowlers, why cannot India! After all, we come from the same stock.

For Sheikh Bukhatir and the Sharjah Cricket Association, the ideal situation would be a final between India and Pakistan, which would assure a full-house. Unfortunately, that does not seem likely.

I have always said, sports and politics should never be mixed, and this particularly applies to cricket and politics.

The only remedy for Indian cricket is that it should refuse all international commitments for one year, so that it can concentrate on domestic cricket and seriously begin a hunt fresh talents.

Let us not give credit where it is not due. I do not think Madhavrao Scindia has got anything do to with India's victory in the World Cup.

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