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   Jai Maharashtra... (April 11, 1991)

Jai Maharashtra. Sir, I have come to know that they are planning another series of international cricket matches in the country this week."

"What! And with Pakistan infiltrators still pouring into Kashmir and Punjab! We will not permit it."

"Yes, sir. But they say this series is not against Pakistan. It is against some country that has not played cricket for 20 years."

"When it comes to our honour and patriotism, it does not matter which country it is. We shall not allow them to play cricket on our sacred soil. Arrange a public meeting at Shivaji Park and I shall make my announcement."

"But, sir this country that is coming to play cricket with our boys is South Africa and there is nothing on record to show that it has infiltrated into Kashmir and Punjab or promoted acts of sabotage in out country. Do you think that it is wise not to allow them to play cricket?"

"Are you disputing my action! Didn't you read what Babasaheb Bhosale said, that when your pramukh speaks, there is no question of arguing with him, you have to do what he says."

"I am not arguing, sit, I am only wondering. Whether our own people may not get angry with us if they are once again deprived of the opportunity to see Manjrekar, Tendulkar, Vengsarkar and More playing, not to mention the commentary by your son."

"The people do not mind missing seeing their favourite players in action, if it is only the press which keeps writing that the people are feeling deprived of cricket, especially the women reporters in the press. When the time come, we will show these reporters out power."

"Bravo. Tell me what I should do and I will do it.'

"Send some people to Madhav Mantri's house and have him gheraoed. Meanwhile, I will send a warning to the chief minister that I am calling a Mumbai bandh. Also, you gather a few young men who are familiar with cricket and know what a pitch is. Go to the Wankhede Stadium while the police are sleeping, and dig up the pitch and pour oil on it."

"You think of everything, sir. Is there anything else?"

"Yes. Get me the name of the main person behind this South African tour. I want to give him a piece of my mind."

"I think it is Ali Bacher."

"Ali, is it! So I was right. This tour is not as innocent as it may seem to be."

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