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   Now that the show is over... (February 29, 1996)

Now that the show is over, one thought that is perturbing most minds is whhat to do with the lights at the Wankhede Stadium. Several suggestions have been received by the Mumbai Cricket Association, here are some of them:

Present them to the Australians.

Present them to the ultimate winners of the World Cup, or the man of the series.

Dismantle them and put them up at the Brabourne Stadium. Then it will be the CCI's problem what to do with them.

Put the lights on every night and invite millions of people who could not get into the stadium on match night to sit in stadium and watch them. There are two schools of thought here: one says that the public should be admitted free, another that it should be charged, though not at the World Cup rates.

Sell the lights back to Philips, or whoever it is that they were bought from.

Donate them to the army to put them on the Indo-Park border.

Transfer them to Shivaji Park, where more cricket is played in a day than at the Wankhede Stadium in three years.

Hire out the stadium to film prouducers to shoot their films in the brightly illuminated stadium.

Sell one tower each to Hindu Gymkhana, Muslim Gymkhana, Parsi Gymkhana and GMC Ground along Marine Drive so that the grymkhanas can provide their own lights to wedding parties and collect the money which otherwise goes to private electricians.

Ask the government to ban day cricket in Mumbai. Then all the local tournaments, from Kanga League to Purshottam Shield, will have to be conducted under the lights at the Wankhede Stadium.

Reinstall the lights at the Sahitya Mandal Colony at East Bandra, so that children can play cricket there in the night and more Tendulkars may be discovered.

Rent the stadium out for Miss Femina, Filmfare, etc. shows. If people get bored with the shows, they can at least enjoy the lights.

Make a bid for the 2000 World Cup and have all the matches played at the Wankhede Stadium.

Request Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray to allow Pakistan to regularly come to Mumbai and play cricket. Then at least some use will be made of the lights.

Donate the lights to Imran Khan for his hospital. And if such an act makes Ms. Benazir Bhutto angry, then all the more reason to give them to Imran.

Keep the lights on permanently so that people will stop complaining that Mumbai is one of the most poorly lit cities in the world.

Declare Wankhede a heritage construction and get Standard Charatered to finance its illumination nightly.

Switch off the lights and forget that they are there.

Readers are invited to send in their suggestions for the lights. I will personally hand them over to the Mumbai Cricket Association.

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