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   The wife is away for a week... (November 28, 1991)

The wife is away for a week, so my breakfast has been further simplified.

Every morning, after the Times, and counting the number of fishing boats being put out to the sea, and bath and shave, and observing the progress of the new buds on the roseplant, and playing three moves on the chess computer (six, if it is a new game, one, if it is an end game), I sit down in the old Underwood with my breakfast around me.

One tall glass of water, one almond rock chocolate from M Choc Affaires (they are the best, I think), one brandy-soaked chocolate, four almonds, several cashewnuts, a few dry figs, some dates wrapped in individual packets, each with a half cashewnut stuck on it, a small handful of walnuts.

The dry-fruits are leftovers from Divali, sent by unknown admiers. Every Divali I get a whole stock of them and they last me through the year… well, almost through the year, otherwise there is always Americans Dryfruits Store. The American Dryfruits Store, along with the Fountain Dryfruit Store, and Parsi Dairy Farm at Princess Street, I think are the three most honest shops in the city. You pay a high price for their goods, but you are assured that the products will all be genuine and of the best quality.

But Divali provides enough caju-pistas. The dryfruits I keep, the sweets and cakes I give away, and other gifts such as thermosflasks, ball-pens, suit-lengths, I recycle among friends and acqulatainces. The liquor I am presented, proved it is not Indian-made-foreign-liquor, I consume.

But to come back to the breakfast, besides all the I have already mentioned, I have two ginseng capsules for my general well-being, one Seven Seas cod liver oil capsule and half a tablet of Theo-Asthalin Forte, as prescribed b Dr. Sishir Kumar, another half a tablet of diamox, to keep down the pressure in my right eye.

The glass of water, you will now understand, I have to swallow all these tablets and capsules. I do not have tea because the wife has got a rather complicated Italian stove (with a German lighter) that works both on gas and electricity and which I do not know how to operate. So I cannot make tea.

But that does not matter. I think my breakfast is quite adequate. And with the breakfast inside me, I set out to face the world.

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