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   Some friends have been telling me... (September 18, 1986)

Some friends have been telling me that, since I am looking for a place to stay and not finding one, why don't I ask my friend, who lives on the 21st floor and has more buildings in Bombay than the Rahejasings in Bombay than the Rahejas Makers. Jollys Lokhandwallas combined, to give me a flat.

So I went and told my friend. He said: "But, of course, anything for you. After all, what are friends for! I am only afraid I may not have something sufficiently large for you. The maximum number of bedrooms I have got in a flat is 27."

"That would be too much for me," I said. "I just want something small and cosy, enough for a man to rest his head and have a shelter over it. I would not be able to afford a bigger place than that."

"There is no question of your being able to afford it, I cannot accept any money from you, that is out of the question," my friend said.

So he drove me in his Rolls Royce to see the place. The location was nice, sea on two sides, plus swimming-pool in the backyard, a garden in front with a mini-golfcourse and a mini-racecourse. The architecture looked like a combination of Correa's Kanchanjunga and Kadri's Nehru Centre styles, with bits of the Dadar Portuguese Church and the Worli Ceat Tyres office thrown in.

"I hope you will be happy here," my friend told me, taking me in the elecator to the 14the floor, then, selecting a key from a large bunch and opening one of the doors. "This is the drawing room, tow TVs, tow videos, one for Hindi films, one for English films, and, nom the sofa does not become a bed in the night, it remains a sofa, the bedroom is inside."

"Excellent," I said.

The next room was the dining room. "You cannot see it, but behind that painting is a buit in refrigerator. The smaller Godrej outside is for cheeses and wines. You press this button and the dining-table becomes a buffet-table."

"How very delightful," I said.

My friend took me to the bedroom. "I amd afriad this place has only one bedroom. Double-bed, the sheets and the pillo-covers change automatically every morning, you don't even have to press a button. The bathroom has sauna and Jacuzzi and a stationary bicycle to exercise on."

My friend continued: "There is the building's own health club in the basement, all tenants may make free use of it, also their guests. And the whole place is centrally-air-conditioned so that should not be a problem."

"Nothing should be a problem," I said. "I will be very happy to live here."

"But this is not for you, this is for your servant," my friend said, opening and adjoining door. "surely you did not think I would put you in a little place like that! Now, I will show you your own flat."

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