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   The question everybody is asking is..... (October 25, 1985)

The question everybody is asking is. Who is writing Mr. Rajiv Gandhi speechers?

The obvious answer would be that Mr. Gandhi is himself writing his speeches. Such an answer would please everybody, including himself, and with the exception of the person who is writing the speeches. However, on the face of it, this is absurd. Because, multitalented, gifted and genius that Mr. Gandhi may be, you cannot expect him to have time to write his speeches also.

Mr. Sharda Pradsad, who has written the speeches of other prime ministers, could be writing the present prime minister's also. But the speeches do not sound anywhere near the speeches that Mr. Prasad used to write to be read by Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Some say if is Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer, and Mr. Aiyer, if you ask him quietly, may even tell you that it is himself. However if you know Mr. Aiyer at all, you would know it cannot be him. He is more the type who would be writing handouts.

Which does not leave too many people, except, of course, Mr. Arun Singh and Mr. Arun Nehru. Of the two, Mr. Arun Nehru may be eliminated immediately. The speeches Mr. Gandhi reads out are subtle, diplomatic, not offensive Mr. Arun Nehru's qualities are all exactly opposite of these. As for Mr. Arun Singh, nobody knows anything about him, including those who have gone to school with him. So we just cannot blindly ascribe the writing of speeches to him.

There are a few people, in fact a large number of people, who hint that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is writing the speeches for there husband. These are the same people who advocate that Mrs. Gandhi should become the congress I president, later deputy prime minister, etc. Mr. Gandhi, if asked, will deny this immediately. "My wife has no speech writing ambitions"

A small coterie is of the opinion that Mr. Buta Singh is writing the speeches. That is why Mr. Gandhi takes him with him everywhere. I do not ascribe much substance to this story. Because, if Mr. Butta Singh were writing all these fine speeches for Mr. Gandhi, then why does he write such poor speeches for himself!

Another theory is that a copywriter at Rediffusion is writing the speeches. I do not think so, Mr. Gandhi would not be able to afford Rediffusion fees.

I think the answer is much more simple. It is the computer that is writing Mr. Gandhi's speeches.

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