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   A lot of newspaper editors are saying... (June 1, 1986)

A lot of newspaper editors are saying that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi's honey moon is over. And though news paper editors are normally wrong, in this case it is quite correct.

For instance, Mr. Gandhi was sitting at this breakfast table this morning, then, after the children had left the room, he looked up from The Hindustan Times and said to his wife: "I don't know why, but I have this strange feeling that our honeymoon is over.

Mrs. Gandhi stared back at him (not really angry, but that is how she looks) and said: "What do you expect! We were not married yesterday that you should expect our honeymoon to continue. The first mother's house and you with a steady job in the Indian Airlines, it was a honeymoon. But after that, all wives look at things in a new light."

Mr. Gandhi looked at his three photographs in the paper, read what he had to say the previous days, then said: "I don't know what went wrong that our honeymoon shoulod have stopped so abruptly. Only yesterday you were saying that there was no other young, handsome and committed husband like myself in the world."

"Nothing has gone wrong," Mrs. Gandhi said." "It is just that you have been going abroad so much, no doubt taking me along with you unlike most husbands, even though I may not want to go that we don't have any time to look into our domestic needs. And it is not as if you have to go abroad all the time, you can send the President instead."

"But you know I have postponed going to Australia, though I was invited," Mr. Gandhi said. "And I did take you and the family on holiday to this forest lodge and you did say it very enjoyable."

Mrs. Gandhi began clearing the table. "It is not that you are not thoughtful and sincere. Every thoughtful and sincere. Every body says you are very sincere and have your family's interests at heart. But we have so little to say to each other; either you are out, holding conversation with tribals, or you are at home, sitting in front bf the television the whole evening and looking at yourself."

"The last part is not fair," Mr. Gandhi said. "Everybody knows I hate seeing myself on TV, I have even written a letter to Mr. Gadgil saying so, I wish we could have written a letter.

Mrs. Gandhi said: "No marriage has two honeymoons. May be Mr. Morarji Desai is right, you are too young and immature to understand this."

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