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   A meeting of the tour committee... (September 3, 1990)

A meeting of the tour committee - comprising Bedi, Azharuddin and More - was held to consider the procedure for drowning the Indian team into the Pacific Ocean. Kapil Dev, as the senior member of the team, was co-opted on the committee, but not Vengsarkar.

At the outset, Bedi said: "Let us, at least, get the drowning right, we have done badly in everything else."

Azharuddin said: "Yeah, yeah, do you think we should wait for the results of Saturday's Australia-New Zealand match or go ahead with the drowning. After all, we could still find ourselves in the finals."

"Haah," said Bedi.

Kapil Dev said: "We will have to decide whether we should wear our regular cricket clothes and drown in them or wear the oneday international clothes, with out names writing on the backs."

Bedi said: "I want the team in its regular cricket clothes with blazers. First, we will for a group photograph, then walk into the Pacific Ocean."

"Yeah, yeah," said Azharuddin, "I hope the weather is good. If the weather does not hold out, then the drowning will have to be postponed and maybe even abandobed."

More did not say anthing.

Kapil Dev said: "We may have to take the permission of the New Zealanders before we down ourselves in the Pacific. You know, they are very particular about what is thrown in their ocean."

Bedi said: "If they get sticky about giving us permission to drown on the Pacific Ocean, we will go and drown ourselves in the Indian Ocean. Nobody can stop us there, that is our own ocean. I was thinking of the Pacific because I was thinking of saving the board the airface of taking us back to India."

More did not say anything.

"Yeah, yeah," said Azharuddin. "We will have to select the eleven for the drowning. Do we keep the same team that lost to Australia, or do we bring Vengsarkar back into the team? And if we bring Vengsarkar back, who do we drop? And do we change the drowning order? Do we send Manoj Prabhakar in the water first or later on?"

"Kapil Dev said: "I have no say in that. As you know, I am not on the tour slection committee. I think I will now withdraw."

"Just a minute," said Bedi. "Before we select the final eleven, I want the whole team out for drowning practice at the hotel's swimming-pool."

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