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   Mr. Anand Gaundalkar, the celebretted satistician... (January 8, 1991)

Mr. Anand Gaundalkar, the celebretted satistician, was telling me: "When Mr. V.P. Singh offered to resign as leader of the Janata Dal parliamentary party, it was the 2,736 the time that he was offering to resign from a post. It is a world record."

"Good for him," I said.

"There is another world record to his credit," Mr. Gaudalkar said. "Out of the 2,736 times that he was offered to resign, he has actually resigned twice, once as defence minister in Rajiv Gandhi's cabinet."

"That is a record that will be gard to beat," I said.

The statistician continued: "The distincitive aspect of Mr. Singh's resignations is that he never withdraws them himself, he lets others withdraw them for him. Which, in other words, means that he always wants to resign but others do not allow him to."

"That is always the case," I said.

"Mr. Singh has also developed knack of offering to resign and then getting others to resign in order that he may not be forced to resign. He did that with Mr. Devi Lal, if you recall."

"I do," I said.

"If he does it also with Mr. Ajit Singh, then it will be record. Because nobody has been able to do it twice, to two different people, within a span of two years," Mr. Gaundalkar said.

"Mr. V.P. Singh's career is a series of records," I said.

"He is the only person know in the history of politics who has resigned, or offered to resign, on every conceivable issue, from Chambal valley dacoits to German sub-marines," the statistician said. "Nothing is too big or too small for him to stake his office."

"That is how it should be," I said.

"When he become the prime minister, he publicly announced that he was carrying his resignation in his pocket. Some reporters even saw a piece of paper in his jodhpuri coat pocket, which they were sure was his resignation. However, when his government lost its support in the parliament and his National Front collapsed, he did not bring the resignation out of his pocket and hung on to his prime minister's post for several more days," Mr. Gaudalkar said.

"It happens sometimes," I said. "What about the future?"

"Well, I am not an astrologer, I am only a statistician," Mr. Gaundalkar siad. "But I can safely state that ehre are going to be may more resignations in Mr. V.P. Singh's life."

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