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   The wife was saying: "Have you written to Tendulkar's father asking for an invitation to his son's wedding?" (May 24, 1995)

"Don't be silly." I said. "You don't ask people for an invitation to weddings. If they invite, you go, if they don't you save money on the present."

"People from every corner of the country are writing to Mr. Tendulkar, senior, asking for invitations, and you think it is silly."

"Not from all corners of the country," I said. "Two or three fans of Sachin may have written letters. The trouble with our people is that they exaggerate all the time. If Manoj Prabhakar scores 42 runs, after failing in six previous innings, newspapers give headlines, 'Prabhakar to Durham rescue'."

"We are not talking about Prabhakar's wedding we are talking about Tendulkar's wedding," the wife said.

"I know what we are talking about, I am only giving an example," I said. "In any case, why should the Tendulkars invite us? Are we their relations!"

"I am sure Kapil Dev has been invited. Is he their relation?" the wife pointed out."The entire Indian team calls Kapil Dev papaji, so he may be their relation," I said. "You never know."

"What about Bal Thackeray?" the wife said."Yes, what about Mr. Thackeray?"

"He has been invited. And not just to the reception, but to the actual wedding ceremony, along with Mr. and Mrs. Vinod Kambli," the wife said.

"What have you to say about that?"

"I have nothing to say about that," I said. "Besides, Mr. Thackeray is these days invited to all sorts of functions, including those held by leading industrialists and builders, and he goes to all of them. So that means nothing."

"It looks so bad," the wife said. "The neighbours are asking all the time what I am going to wear to the Tendulkar wedding. What can I tell them. That we are not invited to the wedding of the century."

"At Nehru Centre, Worli, wedding of the century!" I said. "You and your neighbours have lost all sense of proportions."

"The whole world is going to be there, from Raj Singh Dungarpur to Rajan Bala," the wife said, "and we are not invited. What is the point in your writing all this about Tendulkar if they forget you at the time of their wedding."

"I write because it is my job," I said, "that does not mean I have to be invited to their private weddings. Tomorrow, since I write about Madhuri Dixit, you will say she should invite me to her wedding also."

"And you will go," the wife said. "I know you, you will move heaven and earth to go to her wedding. Already, you have seen her film more times that M.F. Hussain."

"You are talking nonsense," I said. "And let us get this clear once and for all, I am interested in watching Tendulkar play cricket, not get married."

"Cricket also, you don't get invited," the wife said. "Nobody sends you a ticket and you end up watching it on TV."

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