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   Now that the parliament has decided to make sports compulsory in schools, in order to produce world champions, things have changed considerably in our home. (August 20, 1992)

For instance, my elder son, Darryl, was in a hurry this morning. "I can't wait for breakfast, I have to rush for P.T. and running practice," he said."P.T. and running can wait, finish your breakfast," I said. "It is not as if you were late for your classes."

"But these are classes," Derek, my younger son, said. "The government has made sports compulsory in schools, so that we can all win gold medals at the next Olympic Games. The government calls the scheme - catching them young."

"I am perfectly aware what the government calls its scheme, I don't need my children to tell me that," I said. "But I think we should all sit down together and have our breakfast, gold medals can wait."

Darryl said: "After P.T. and running, we are going to have short put and javelin throw practice, then there is to be a demonstration on how to clear hurdles." "Here, here, just a minute," I said.

"The parliament has decided that all schoolchildren should attend sports classes. Maratha history will not win for the country gold and silver medals," Derek said.

"Maratha history may not get you gold and silver medals, but studying it can help you to pass your SSC and go to medical college and become a doctor," I said. "And I want my children to become doctors or lawyers, not drug consuming athletes."

Darryl said: "I really must go, I have to change for the weight-lifting classes. Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays we have weight-lifting classes."Derek said: "We have gymnastics on those days. The parliament has decided that in gymnastics, more than anything else, they have to catch us young."

"I am getting a little tired of what the parliament has decided and what it has not," I said. "I am perfectly capable of reading the papers myself and knowing what is happening in parliament, besides shouting matches and walkouts."

"Then you will know that today, the entire afternoon, we have to be on the tennis courts so that we can win the Wimbledon juniors title and later the Wimbledon itself," Darryl said.

"If you are going to spend the entire afternoon playing tennis, what happens to your geography, algebra, and physics and chemistry classes?"

I asked."Parliament has decided that tennis is more important than all these routine studies which do not even help you to qualify for the semi-finals," Derek said.

"Parliament has no business to decide what my children should study and what they should not. Let them worry about their own children, making money on the side in the name of their politically influential parents," I said Darryl said: "Today's arithmetic and geometry classes have been dropped as the students will be learning how to loop the ball round the human wall to shoot a goal in football."

You are not going to shoot any wall,you are going to do your arithmetic, you are very weak in it," I said. "Now pick up your books and go to school."

"What books!" Derek said. "I have to take with me my football boots, my hockey stick and my cricket pads. And has anybody seen my javelin?

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