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   There seems to be some confusion among the students... (March 2, 1986)

There seems to be some confusion among the students of politics as regards the identity of Mr. Arun Nehru, Mr. Arun Singh and Mr. Arjun Singh. It is a confusion that is understandable, since all of them have similar names and more or less similar duties. How ever, I will try and explain.

Now then, Arun Nehru and Arun Singh, who I will try and hence forth refer to as the two Aruns, are said to be close buddies of the prime minister. Mr. Arjun Singh is a friend, but not a buddy. Of the two Aruns, Arun Singh was in the same school as the prime minister, which makes the two school buddies. However, though Arun Nehru did not study in the same school (his parents sent him to a lesser-known school), he is a distant relation of the prime minister me and the two grew up together.

Next, Arun Singh and Arjun Singh, who we will henceforth refer to as the two Singhs, are not exactly close friends, leave aside being buddies, but they are both friends of the prime minister.

One the other hand, Arun Singh and Arun Nehru have been friends for a long time, though at present Arun Singh sees more eye-to-eye with Arjun Singh than with Arun Nehru, especially on the Punjab situation.

The prime minister, since they are all good friends of his, recently promoted Arun Nehru, Arun Singh and Arjun Singh. Of the three, Arjun Singh was promoted the most, being made a full fledged minister. Arun Nehru and Arun Singh were only made ministers of state, but everybody, including Arjun Singh, knew that Arun Nehru and Arjun Singh were much more than that. and, of the two Aruns, Arun Singh knew that Arun Nehru was give more power than himself, since he was put in charge of more or less the entire home department.

While the prime minister relied on the two Aruns equally, among the two Singhs he made it be known that he relied on Arjun Singh more. Because of this, he demoted Arjun Singh from being commerce minister to being vicepresident of the Congress, third in rank after the pr min himself and Mr. Kamlapati Tripathi.

But though Arjun Singh is now vice-President of the congress, he has also been the architect of the Punjab accord, so he occasionally disagrees with Arun Nehru’s suggestions for a hard line in Punjab. This naturally, upsets Arun Nehru more is that while not publicly doing so, in private Arun Singh is supporting Arjun Singh.

Meanwhile, Arjun Singh has made it quite clear that he is a soldier of the Congress and do to his best ability whatever his prime minister asks him to do. So everybody is wondering what the prime minister will ask Arjun Singh to do next.

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