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   Chief Minister Chavan announced Yesterday that the government... (August 21, 1986)

Chief Minister Chavan announced Yesterday that the government will be spending Rs. 230 crore on Bombay. Which is fine. The question is-on what aspects of Bombay will it spend the money.

Here are a few suggestions:

A sum of Rs. 3 crore should be spent on repainting all those public and private places which have been named Mumbai back to Bombay.

A sum of Rs. 50 lakh should be given to the high court to clean its building and an equal sum to the Esplanade Court to clean up.

Rs. 5 crore should be spent on restoring Azad, Cross and Oval maidans and making them into real maidans. And Rs. 1 crore for making Flora Fountain to look as it did before all those marble slabs.

Rs. 1 core to repair the road between Sion and Chembur. Rs. 30 crore to build a fly-over at Mahim, Rs. 10 crore to improve the approach road to the international terminal of the Sahar airport.

The government should give Rs. 1 crore to the CCI to pay its staff and settle the dispute. Rs. 30 crore to Reliance to come out of its present difficulties.

Rs. 20 crore to an experienced foreign company to prepare a project for an underground railway for the city. Rs. 50 crore for improvement of Dharavi and Rs. 1 crore, in small portions, to various news paper for not referring to it as the largest slum in Asia.

Rs. 50 lakh to the management of Metro cinema to make it look like it did when it belonged to MGM. Rs. 30 lakh to bring down the pedestrian overbridge at Churchagate, which is now being used only to display advertisements of leasing companies. Also, Rs. 2 crore to break the garden at the Gateway of India, put up with such good but misplaced intentions by Mrs. Ali Yavar Jung.

Rs. 50 crore for housing the economically weaker section. Rs. 10 crore for repairing old buildings. Rs. 20 crore for Bombay University to spend on whatever it wants to spend on.

Rs. 50 lakh for paying off all the people who have contracts for advertising along the central hedges of Marine Drive. Rs. 1 core to the Nehru Centre. Rs. 3.50 crore to Mr. Russy Karanjia to get his Daily out of the red.

Rs. 10 crore to the municipal corporation to take steps all over agin, and this time more effective, to ensure non-flooding during the monsoon. Rs. 30 crore to the army to get out of the Colaba cantonment and restore prime property to the citizens of Bombay.

After all this, if any money remains, it should be passed on to the Congress-I. Because, given or not, it will take its share of the money.

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