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   Since there is some dispute among Congressmen... (December 26, 1986)

Since there is some dispute among Congressmen over the distribution of the Rs. 100 crore that the prime minister is giving to the city of Bombay, I present a new list of allotment:

Hand over the entire amount to the National Association for the Blind, which is among the few welfare organisations in the city where you are assured that the money goes to the people for whom it is meant.

Or give the whole amount to the Rotary Clubs, they will keep half for their luncheon meetings and spend the other half on the rotary services. Thus we would know that half the money at least is going to the right sources.

Spend the money on developing New Bombay. Then, even if Bombay does not get any money, at least some of the burden on the old city would be lessened.

Or give it for the improvement of Dharavi. After all, that was the original idea in Mr. Gandhi's announcing such a substantial sum.

Leave it to the chief minister to decide who the money should go to. And since we have waited so long, wait a little longer till Mr. Sharad Pawar becomes the chief ministe.

Consult Mr. Murli Deora on what should be done with the money, since he is the men who got Mr. Gandhi to announce the Rs. 100 crore in the first place. It seems, while Mr. Gandhi was addressing the meeting at Azad Maidan, Mr. Deora, who was sitting tow chairs away from him, sent a note to his – "Announce Rs. 100 crore." And Mr. Gandhi promptly did so.

Give it to the film industry. With one condition – that they should stop making films for one moth more.

Present it to the opposition in Maharashtra, as compensation for its having lost a leader of the calibre of Mr. Sharad Pawar.

Give the Rs. 100 crore to Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and let him return it to Bombay after making it into Rs. 500 crore.

Let at least a part of the money be spent in constructing a memorial to mark the centenary celebrations of the Congress in Bombay, preferably at the Azad Maidan, where the centenary gift was announced. Other locations suggested – the Brabourne Stadium and the Mahalaxmi Racecourse.

Spend it to construct a special airport for the prime minister to land and be received by Congressmen every time he comes to Bombay. Also, for a private road leading from the airport to Raj Bhavan.

And just one suggestion – Whatever is done, first make sure that the Rs. 100 core is really coming to Bombay.

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