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   It has now been established that Mr. Gandhi is very good... (October 19, 1987)

It has now been established that Mr. Gandhi is very good at solving the problems of other countries butnot so good when it comes to tackling the problems of his own country. So, I am wondering how effective Mr. Gandhi would have been if he were say, the prime minister of England and asked (or even not asked)to solve India's problems.

Let us visualise a Commonwealth prime minister's conference. The prime minister of England, being Mr. Gandhi, is naturally engaged in solving India's problems in punjab, Darjeeling, Assam, Mizoram, and with Sri Lanka.

The full potentials of Mr. Gandhi, prime minister of England, are realised at a press conference that Mr. Gandhi addresses at the end of the conference. "Yes, No. 5," says Mr. Gandhi.

"I am Wilhelmina Craddock from The Guardian, London. Mr. Gandhi, did the conference discuss India's problems with the Sikhs, and, if so, what was the stand taken by England on this?"

Mr. Gandhi smiles, adjusts the knot in his tie, than says: "England's policy has always been to allow countries to resolve their own difficulties within their countries. However, we feel that within the framework of the Indian constitution, a solution can be arrived at if both the parties are ready to sit around the negotiating table and work out their differences. Yes, No. 2?"

"I am Joshua Levi from the Jerusalem Post. Mr. Gandhi, is your government considering to offer active assistance to the government of India in settling the agitation in Darjeeling? What are your personal views on the subject?"

Mr. Gandhi looks into the BBC camera, then says: "My personal views are that if there is genuine effort on both sides, the differences can be resolved and an area of mutual understanding, no matter how small, could be reached. My government is perfectly willing to offer its good offices in this matter. No. 3 has been waiting to ask a question for a long time. Yes?"

"I am Udayan Sharma from Ravivar Mr. Prime Minister, as you know, the problems in Assam have not yet quite settled down. The Question of resettling people in Bengal looms large. I would like to know if the Commonwealth has given any thought to this."

Mr. Gandhi looks serious, then says: "The Commonwealth is naturally concerned about this matter. I have had talks with the prime minister of Australia, New Zealand and Kenya on the subject Britain, on its part, is interested in seeing the matter settled and has offered its good offices to do so. No. 9?"

"I am Balwant Raj from the Asian World Press, Toronto. Mr. Gandhi, has the British government decided to intervene in the dispute between India and Sri Lanka?"

Mr. Gandhi replies: "The Britishn government has no intention to intervene. But it is making all efforts, behind the scenes, to bring about an amicable settlement. I cannot, naturally, reveal the details of our efforts, but I can confidently say that a solution is near, may be in a few days, weeks or months. I am having one more round of talks with Mrs. Thatcher, the Indian prime minister."

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