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   Mr. V.P. Singh is reported to be not happy... (April 18, 1990)

Mr. V.P. Singh is reported to be not happy with the performance of some of his ministers. Not am I.

Mr. Devi Lal, certainly. He is performing, but not ministerial duties. He has bulldozed himself into becoming the deputy prime minister, when there is no such post and no such job. And though the agriculture charge seems to be appropriate for him, since he can tally the farmers around if nothing else, he does not seems to have any time for it. He has raised the bogey of Hindi, when it was all but forgotten; he is rude, abusive, uncooperative. And he is as obsessed with his sons as Mrs. Indira Gandhi was with hers. And we are still suffering because of Mr. Gandhi's obsessions.

I am also not satisfied with Mr. Ajit Singh. True, it was Mr. Devi Lal who sacked him and not viceversa, but he sghould not have got himself into a position where such a situation was created. Also, I cannot accept him as an industry minister. And industrialist should become an industry minister, a progressive, liberal industrialist, and not Mr. Charan Singh's son. More than anything else, it is the son syndrome that has harmed this country.

As for Mr. Ajit Singh's American background, I have still not found out what exactly this background is. So far, all the gentlemen with American backgrounds I have known have been fit only to return to India to view and select Indian brides.

Mr. Sam Pitroda may or may not fall in this category. Till that is found out, we have ot give him the benefit of doubt, though I have always been suspicious of men with such name and such hairstyle and who do not accept and salary for their job. But the person I am not happy with is Mr. Pitroda's minister, Mr. Unikrishnan. He has been as undignified in his battle with Mr. Pitroda as Mr. Devi Lal has been in his battle with everybody. If Mr. Devi Lal's behaviour is that of a village goonda, Mr. Unnikrishinan's is that of a class bully Ė a newly-promoted monitor.

The other minister who should never have been made a minister is Mr. George Fernandes, especially of the railways. It is immoral to appoint a man, who has done everything in his power to harm the railways, as railway minister. You may say that that was all in Mr. Fernandes's past and people change. And, I agree, people change, but they do not become ministers.

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has also been unsatisfactory. No doubt, anybody else in his place also would not have been able to solve the problem of Kashmir, but his home ministery does not even include Kashmir.

There are several other ministers with those performance I am not happy. But I running out of space and the prime minister is running out of cabinet ministers, so I will end here.

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