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   I have been observing... (July 18, 1990)

I have been observing how some people's resignations are accepted and some not. There are so many dimensions.

For instance, Mr. Arun Nehru's resignation has not been accepted, though it was kept pending for some time and Mr. Devi Lal even tried to get it accepted. Nor has Mr. Arif Mohammad Khan's. But Mr. Chautala's was not only accepted, but demanded. Mr. Chautala, of course, resigned to save the party. This is the second time he has resigned and saved the party.

Mr. Rajan Jetley's resignation was accpeted promptly, at least I presume it was prompt. Why he resigned, nobody known. Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde's was not accepted so promptly. First, Mr. Hegde himself though he should not resign, then, when he resigned, the prime minister thought he should not resign. But, finally, he has resigned, in the interest of politics of values.

This is not the first time Mr. Hegde has resigned. He has resigned on several occasions in the past, on some occasions the resignation has been accepted, on some not. Jawaharlal Nehru submitted resignations throughout his later life, not one was accepted. Mr. Morarji Desai resigned twice, both the time in a huff.

M.C. Chagla and C.D. Deshmukh resigned on principles, Mr. nani Palkhivala resigned because he had given himself a time-limit as ambassador. When the time was up, he quit. Mr. Kuldip Nayar will be doing the same… hopefully, Mr. Arun Singh resigned because he could not take it any more. Mr. Sam Pitroda refused to resign. The government was left with two choices, either to dismiss him or to transfer Mr. V.P. Unnikrishanan. It chose the latter.

Sunil Gavaskar threatened to resign as captain several times. And every time he did so, he got his way. Polly umrigar resigned as captain once, and his resignation was accepted. The story goes that Vinoo Mankad encouraged him to resign, since Umrigar was not allowed a player of his choice in the team. When he resigned, they made Mankad the captain.

Mr. Jagmohan did not resign, he was made to resign. Though, so what purpose, it is not clear. Mr. Devi Lal resigned once and they made the mistake of not accepting it. He will never again offer to resign. Mr. V.P. Singh and resignations go together. The last time he wanted to resign, he was not allowed to. Because, had he resigned, the whole government would have had to resign with him.

As for Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, she has submitted her resignation, but in all the flurry of the other resignations, it has been forgotten.

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