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   People keep asking me what will happen... (October 29, 1990)

People keep asking me what will happen on and after November 7. I know as little about this as most people do and less than some, byt I visualise one of the following situations:

Mr. V.P. Singh will somehow manage to establish his majority and continue as prime minister for the next four years. That would be the best thing that can happen to the country.

The other alternative that I visualise is: Mr. V.P. Singh will not be able to establish his majority and will lose the confidence of the house and the right of his government to govern. The Congress-I will then be called upon to form the government and which it will do, with the help of a large number of dissidents from the Janata Dal (not Arun Nehru but Arif Mohammed Khan, to mention just one). Mr. Rajiv Gandhi will once again be the PM and Mr. V.P. singh the leader of the opposition. Which would be a perfectly good thing to happen and in the interest of the country.

There is a third scenariot: The Janat Dal will survive, but not Mr. V.P. Singh. Mr. Devi Lal will become the prime minister and he will have the support of the prime minister. Mr. Singh will obviously hand in his resignation as member of parliament, which will not be accepted. He will be offered the post of finance minister in the Devi Lal government, which he will not take, and prefer to remain an ordinary member if the pary, till such time as he can make a comeback. Which will not be a bad thing to happen.

Another possibility is that Mr. Chandra Shekhar will become the prime minister with the help of the Congress-I. In that case, there is no question of his offering a ministeral position to Mr. V.P. Singh. Mr. Shekhar, of course, will be sidely and popularly accepted as prime minister, by Mr. Bal Thackeray among others. Thiw would be a great thing for the country and the people.

The other possibility is that Mr. Jyoti Basu, with leftist and centrist support, will be requested to bead the government. He will be supported, among others, by Mr. V.P. Singh, Mr. Devi Lal and Rajiv Gandhi. Mr. Chandra Shekhar will both support him and not support him. Naturally, this would be an excellent solution to everything.

One final scenario is that all these various combinations will not work and a mid-term poll will be called. Which, definitely, is the greatest thing that could happen to the country. Because then we will get a chance to vote all these same people back into power. And the people would have expressed their confidence in these politicians in one year.

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