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   The two names being most mentioned... (September 17, 1990)

The two names being most mentioned for the post of the next sheriff are Mr. M.V. Kamath, journalist, columnist and social and political commentator, and Mrs. Bakul Patel, socialite, business consultant and social worker.

Both would make good sheriffs. Both have the appropriate qualifications for the job. They are people with independent means, self-employed, respected, with a civic conscience, the good of the city at heart, and with connections at the highest level. Mrs. Patel has a direct line to Mr. Sharad Pawar, which should help, though I am not sure what use would Mr. Kamath's connections with Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde be to Bombay.

There are other eminent citizens worthy if consideration. Mr. Charles Correa, who as an articulate and provocate architect can lead a movement to improve the physical conditions of living in Bombay and restore to the city some of its old dignity. Or Mr. J.B. D'Souza, who may, perhaps, be able to execute some of the plans for the city that he could not as its municipal commissioners. There is always Mr. S.S. Tinaikar, but he has just retired and it may not be seemly to bring him back into civic life, even in an honorary position, so soon.

Dr. Rashmi Mayur would be an ideal candidate for the dheriff's job. He is an international authority on urban environemnt (at least he keeps attneding international meetings), and he seems to have lot fo time on his hands, which is so essentila for people taking up work as sheriff.

For this reason, Mr. Nani Palkhivala cannot be a sheriff, apart from the fact that it is too small a job for him.

The job could also be way of honour to a peson for services already rendered to the city. A senior cricketer could be honoured, anybody from Madhav Mantri to Polly Umrigar. The last cricketer that was so honoured was Vijay Merchant, and, as it turned out, he did not just sdorn the office.

Or it could be an eminent journalist. The last own was Frank Moraes, and though it would be difficult to find somebody of his status now, Russy Karanjia would not be a bad idea.

Or an artists: all that the government has to do is go to the Samovar and pick one. Though a better idea would be to pick those who have served art - Keikoo Gandhy or Kali Pundole. Or an actor of the class and commitment of Shashi Kapoor.

But, eventually, what I think we need in a sheriff is energy and dynamism, will to work, vision of a cleaner Bomaby, enthusiasm, the ability to carry the people along. All these I can see in only one person. I would wppoint Mr. Nana Chudasama as sheriff for the third year running.

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