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   By now, everybody knows... (March 5, 1991)

By now, everybody knows how strongly Mr. Devi Lal feels about Mr. Venkataraman's order to vacate the house on the President's estate in New Delhi. But there have been no reports on how Mr. Devi Lal's buffaloes feel about it. So the chief told me: "Go and interview one of the buffaloes and find out."

When I tried to fix an interview with the leader of the buffaloes, Mr. Devi Lal's secretary told me: "If you are a villager, with a village postal address, you don't need an appointment, you can walk in and talk to any of the buffaloes. If you are not a villager, they may not meet you."

I explained I was a reporter, collecting reactions of buffaloes to the President's order.

When I arrived at the President's estate, the buffaloes were grazing on the Rashtrapati hold his Republic Day tea parties. The leader of the buffaloes was eating roses in the famous rose garden. "May I ask you a few questions, please?" I said.

The buffalo slowly masticated the rose, then put it in some corner of his mouth, and said: "What is the use, whatever I say, you will give your own version! The capitalist English press, led by that HHHH HHHHHHH Arun Shourie, has not sympathy for Haryana buffaloes."

"No, no, sir, nothing like that," I said. "Whatever you say, I will give. Tell me, do you think Mr. Venkataram is being unfair to buffaloes dy driving them out of this house in order that some members of his staff may occupy your stables."

"Forget me, I don't matter. I can go back to Haryana and happily stary there, it is our family state. "What I am concerned about is the treatment of buffaloes in general. Is this the way to treat them! If the President of India gives them this stepmotherly treatment, referring the urban population to them, then what sort of an example is he setting to the country."

"Do you plan to leave this place quickly, or will you agitate?" I asked.

"Agitatio is the last thing that we will do," the buffalo said. "There are several other options, such as toppling the present caretaker government, which we will consider first. For a start, we are having a buffalo rally at the Boat Club. There are good prospects of Mr. Kanshi Ram's buffaloes joining us in the rally."

"What is you main objective?" I asked.

"Our main objective is to provide a home for buffaloes when they come to New Delhi, somewhere where they can come and stay, the buffalo said. "As you know, with the passing of years, more and more buffaloes will be coming to the capital."

"You expect any baffaloes in the elections?" I asked.

"Half the new parliament will be buffaloes, no matter which party they belong to. You take if from me," the buffalo said.

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