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   Mr. Bal Thackeray's public statement... (August 11, 1991)

Mr. Bal Thackeray's public statement that the chaps causing all the recent mayhem and violence in the city are not bona fide Shiv Sainiks may cause a little confusion. I visualise the following situation:

A Shiv Sainik gets up one morning and decides to have Girgaum bandh. So he goes around all the shops in the area and tells the shop-keepers to pull down their shutters and go home for the day... or else. One of the shopkeepers, having read Mr. Thackeray's statement that some of the people who are claiming to be sainiks are imposters, challenges the sainik. "Look here, don't tell me you are associated with the Sena, I know you are not. Get lost."

"Arrey oi, gup bus," the sainik tells him. "Attacha atta bandh ker tuji dukan, nahi ter tuji teesri rangoon takil ho,"

"I can see through you," the shopkeeper says. "Mr. Thackeray would never have some goonda like you as a sainik. So you stop taking advantage of the Shiv Sena's name, otherwise I will call the police and have you arrested."

"Arrey bara alla policewalla, konala bheeti vajavta! Ami Shiv nahiter kai? Tumcha Congress hai kai! Chal, chal, bandh ker, nahi ter yeh kaach sabandh tor-phore takil."

"The more you try to tell me you are from the Shiv Sena, the less I am inclined to believe you," the shopkeeper says. "Mr. Thackeray has told the prime minister you people are not Shiv Sainiks; if you are, he will resign as pramukh and close down the sena.

"Lai gosti chalavta tumi, ho. Saheb cha naav kasala aanta tumi machi! Lai hosiyar hovun gela kai! Mumbai therecha ki nahi theracha, toomhala! Atta choop-chaap sabandh bandh karun taka, tumcha nauker lokola chooti devun taka, ani ghari javun bassa. Aaj Girgaum bandh hai," the sainik says.

"I have seen many bandhwallas, they are genuine sainiks, you are not," the shop-keeper said. "If you were, then Mr. Thackeray would not have said he would resign. I mena, he is a responsible person, he would not say things he does not mean."

"Baga, tumhi jaadi tik-tik karli ni, ter Girguam ter chora, pura Mumbai bandh karun takil. Ho, taci, BEST, pura bandh," the sainik said. "Atta aatpa ani kulup lavun taka tumchi dukan la."

"I am going to do nothing of the sort and you can do your worse," the shop-keeper said. "If the Shiv Sena calls a bandh, we will observe, but not some imposter coming and telling us so. And I am going to tell all these other shops also not to listen to you."

"Barra, barra, tumchala Girgaum bandh nahi karaicha hasal ter nahi kara. Parantu, Java cricket match hasal na, ami bagta tumi kasa stadium machi javun basta."

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