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   At midnight, it will be 1992... (December 31, 1991)

At midnight, it will be 1992. So, what may we expect?

The Congress will become stronger and stronger, though not all the Congressmen Mr. Narasimha Rao will grow in stature, his revals will diminish. And it will be the people who will make Mr. Rao strong, no more will they vote for petty, self-interested, ambitious politicians. Which would be a good thing.

The BJP will have exhausted all its gimmicks and find itself back at square one. What more can it possibly do after having taken its homemade rath right across the country from south to north? Take it from west to east! There will be probles in the BJP ruled states, and differences between the rational members of the party, suchas Mr. Vajpayee, and the fundamental members of the party, such as the rest. Which may not be a good thing, but would not be a bad thing either.

The Janata Dal will be there, but only in name. Both the V.P. Singh Janata Dal and the Ajit Singh Janata Dal. And it will be the beginning of the end of the leftist parties, except in West Bengal. Which would be a good thing, I mean the continuing of the CPM in West Bengal.

Mr. Jyoti Basu's health will improve, also Mr. Narasimha Rao's. It will be the year of the elderly stateman. Which will be okay.

There will be greater appreciation in the Indian government about the rold of the American government and people. And Indian leaders will publicly acknowledge this. India's relations with Israel will also improve, and this will not make the slighest difference to India's relations with the Arab countries. Which would be a good thing to have happened.

India will not longer be the leader of the Third World or the spokesman of the developing nations or anything of the sort. India will know its place and stick to it. Which would not at all be a bad condition to be in.

Indian economy will start moving up, though not because of any money coming in from the NRIs. Which would be one of the best things to have happened. We can manage without the money of those who have left the country.

Tatas will survive their present crisis, but not all its directors and managing directors. The Ambanis will grow as industrialists, and grow and grow. But not as media barons. Which would be good and bad.

Punjab terrorists will be contained, they are not going to be a major problem. It is merely a question of taking a decision to go into Pakistan and raid the terrorist camps where they are harboured. Which would be a good thing.

And, for the first time, a debate would start on whether Kashmir should be retained or given a choice to decide its own future. And I shall reserve my judgement till June 1992 on whether this would be a good thing or a bad thing.

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