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   As I was leaving for the office this morning... (October 28, 1996)

As I was leaving for the office this morning, the wife told me: "Don't go and interview Kanshi Ram. He is double you size and he will beat you up."

"Nonsence," I said. "Mr. Kanshi Ram does not go about beating up journalists. Why don't you read the papers, it is all explained. A TV cameraman pushed the camera in his face and he was just trying to push it aside."

"If you want to believe that, believe it, but for your own health, don't interview him. You know how many reporters he has put in the hospital. One of them is still there, serious."

"These things happen," I said. "When there is a crowd and pushing, some people do get hurt in the melee. We have to be thanful Ms. Mayawati did not get hurt."

"Who is going to hurt her! She is the one who put the journalists in the hospital," the wife said. "Have you see her photographs. I don't want to say more than that about her. I am told, Mulayam Singh is so scared of her he is hiding in Delhi."

"Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav is not hiding in Delhi, he is the defense minister, so he has to be in Delhi. Looking after the nation's security. To say that he is afraid of Ms. Mayawati is laughable. I don't know where you pick up these stories."

"I get my information," the wife said. "All politicians of all parties are on the warpath now, except Mr.Manomohan Singh and Dr. Karan Singh."

"Mr. Manmohan Singh would not hurt a fly," I said. "But even the other politicians are even the other politicians are not going to hit any journalists. In fact, they are so happy when journalists interview them, they give them tea and jalebis."

"You are living in your own world," the wife said. "Those days are gone. You do not know what is happening in Delhi. Thousands of journalists would not have taken out a morcha and faced tear gas if they were to be given jalebis. If you have to meet them, take a police escort with you."

"What police escort!" I said. "Journalists don't take police escorts with them, except those columnists who are threatened by the Khalistanis. But even that is over now. It is politicians who need security, not journalists."

"If you won't listen to me, at least carry something with you. Wear a helmet so that you won't get hurt if Kanshi Ram hits you on the head with a chair."

"I would look like a fool if I were to wear a helmet and go around the town, especially as I don't even have a scooter," I said. "You please stop warrying, I know what I am doing. In any case, I don't think I am going to interview Mr. Kanshi Ram today. He has been beanned b the press, no mention of him in the papers for three days."

So, I went to the office, fearless. A large gentleman was sitting in the chief's cabin. The chief introduced him to me: "This is Mr. Dara Singh. I have brought him here to teach you how to defend yourself against Kanshi Ram."

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