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   In the old days, you alternated between seeing... (October 21, 1985)

In the old days, you alternated between seeing a film in the cinema and seeing a film on TV. Now you alternate between seeing a film on TV and seeing a TV film.

There are some differences between a film on TV and a TV film. I will try and point them out.

A film on TV is one of the regular commercial cinema films that your father or your grandfather had seen when they were young and are once again being given a chance to see. It is not a Raj Kapoor film (since Mr. Kapoor does not approve on the fees paid by Doordarshan) and, when shown years ago in the cinema, it had been a flop.

A TV film, on the other hand, is one that has not yet been shown in the cinema probably because no cinema wants to show it.

Films shown on TV begin immediately after the advertisements of Pond's Cream, Surf washing powder Colgate toothpaste, etc.

TV films, before they begin, have a long and interesting discussion between the film maker and intellectuals. The viewers do not under stand the discussion, partly because they are not intellectuals and partly because the discussion precedes the film, instead of following it, so they do not know what they are talking about so intensely.

Next, when a film is being shown on TV, nobody knows what film it is going to be till it actually appears on the screen at 5.45 p.m. on Sunday.

However, when a TV film is being shown announcements are made a full week in advance, every evening, by a charming, fat faced lady from Delhi Doordarshan.

Films on TV generally seen by the masses and forgotten. Since the masses views in these matters are rarely heard.

TV films, on the other hand, are seen by intellectuals, who keep their TV sets hidden or say they have only got it so their servants can see films on TV. And the films are then discussed at cocktail parties, in the newspapers, magazines (not Star dust or CineBlitz, but Debonair of all places).

Films on Tv normally have old actors in their youth like Dilip Kumar Dev Anand and what's his name.

TV films have either Naseeruddin Shah or stage actors making their first and last appearance in films.

There is just one more point that I would like to make. There is no such thing as a film specially made for TV. All films are made for the cinema, then, when no distributor wants them, they are announced as specially-made for TV.

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