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   Air-India is recruiting people to fill the vacancies... (April 6, 1986)

Air-India is recruiting people to fill the vacancies caused by the strike of its air-hostesses and flight-pursers and I understand it is very easy to get recruited.

A typical interview for the job at to old airport at Kalina, Santa Cruz, goes something like this:

The recruitment board is sitting at the table and the next candidate for the job is called in. she looks quite charming, like the model for Hawkins Pressure Cookers. "Why do you want to work as an air hostess?" the chairman of the board asks her.

"Because I want to see the world and because I was furned down by Cathay Pacific and Singapore Air lines," the girl says.

"Oh, yes sir, I once flew on the airbus from Bombay to Delhi. It was when we were going to Simla for a holiday and could not get train tickets. Coming back, we came by the Rajdhani.

"Well, I am glad you have got flying experience," the chairman says. "there are people who come here who have not even seen a relation off in a plane. Do you speak any foreign language?"

"Oh, yes sir, I speak English," the girl says.

"That should be sufficient, most of our foreign and Indian passengers speak English," the chairman says. Then he turns to the other members on the board and asks: "Do any of you have any question.

A member clears his throat and asks: "Do you know what the job of an air-hostess entails?" I mean, do you know what duties you will have to perform?"

"I think I do," the girl says. "I have been seeing the air-hostess serial on TV, since it has always been my ambition to be either an air-hostess or a mode. An air-hostess falls in love with various person, but the does not forget her bob. She also serves tea, cold-drinks, etc."

"Well, that is what the job involves, more or less. It is a good sign that you have come prepared for the job by watching all the appropriate serials on Doordarshan," the member observes.

Another member says. "We haven't asked her any questions on safety regulation. Do you think we should ask her those?"

"Right," the chairman says. "What would you do if a hijacker suddenly stands up with a gun while you are serving tea or there is fire in there bathroom?"

"I don't know about that," admits the girl. "I think that scene they will be showing in the Doordarshan serial on air-hostesses later on."

"Then you can learn it then," the chairman says. "You are hired but please understand you will have to follow the slip system."

"Oh, yes sir, thank you, sir," says the girl.

So, if you are flying Air-India still, and there is no reason why you should not, and if you see an air-hostess who looks like the model in Hawkins Perssure Cooker, please bear in mind that she is new to the job and don't hassle her too much."

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