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   "Time for another bank robbery, Don."... (October 6, 1986)

"Time for another bank robbery, Don."

"Yes, but which bank shall we rob?"

"That is always the problem, so many banks to choose from. The finance ministry should pass a law against proliferation of bank."

"Let us proceed to the nearest bank, preferably one with an unarmed guard or no guard, and an alarm system that either does not work or that the staff has not been trained how to work."

"Yes, Don. What about the getaway car? Shall we get a Maruti or shall we get an air-conditioned Maruti?"

"Either will do. After all, we are not going to drive far. But let it be red-coloured, it is such a prominent colour."

"And, Don, do we go armed or unarmed? It seems such a waste, carrying these arms around when we never have the need to use them."

"It us not seemly for a bank robber to be seen in public without a gun. It is not being professional. So, if we have guns, let us carry them. The weight is not going to break our arms."

"All right, it just seems unfair, that we have arms and the guards have no arms. Do we wear masks or do we go as ourselves?"

"You know very well that masks are old-fashioned. Bank robbers today practice their trade without masks and further confuse the police."

"Talking about the police, Don, do we invite a policeman to watch us robbing the bank or do we close the door and keep him out?"

"In the past, we have had no objections to the policemen standing by and observing us at our work. So why should we have any objection now! Only, instruct the police not to interfere, not that they ever do."

"And do we slap the manager a few times or we let him cooperate without any slapping?"

"Let us not be too violent. A slap once in a while is all right, it gives the newspapers something to report about, besides the usual bit about robbers walking out. But keep the slapping to once in eight bank managers."

"And, Don, what time do we rob the bank, early in the morning or later in the day, when there is more money in it?"

"Let us observe regular office hours, 10 a.m. is fine, it is the time when everybody starts working, so should we. And let us work with a little more diligence, not rush through the job. Twenty minutes is hardly sufficient time to rob a bank, we miss out all the small change."

"Right, Don. And do we tell them this time that we are local bank robbers and not Sikh terrorists?"

"We don't tell them nothing. Let them think what they like."

"But Don, it seems so unfair. You do all the planning, all the work, and then some Sikh terrorists get the credit for it."

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