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   Sometimes there is a harvest of front pages news... (August 21, 1991)

Sometimes there is a harvest of front pages news, most times there is nothing. This morning is a harvest.

First, the new of the suicide by Sivarasan and Subha, the alleged brains behind Rajiv Gandhi's assassination (though that fact has not yet been established beyond all reasonable doubts and now probably never will be).

There is also a case being made out to credit the police for having tracked down the assassins and successfully closed the case. In my book, the police have fumbled. They took too long to find him. For it is not easy for a one-eyed man, which immediately set him apart from the rest of the world no matter what disguise he tries to adopt, to hide himself. Especially when his face and identity has been publicised throughout the country and there would not be many people who would be prepared to conceal him.

There are also the developments when the quarry was finally traced and cornered. According to reports, the militants took cyanide and killed themselves at 7.30 p.m. the evening before, while the cream of men selected from all branches of the Indian police and intelligence waited outside the house till following morning for the antidotes to the cyanides to arrive from Gwalior.

At this point, I would also like to point out the distinction between the Tamil militants and those in Punjab and Kashmir, always with the proviso that all militants are bad and that there is nothing good about them.

The Tamil militants, so far, have always gone for specific targets, not innocent and neutral bystanders, ST bus and train passengers, tourists, and train passengers, tourists, women and children, marriage parties. Also, they have been involved in a direct battle with the army (or armies) and lately the police, not villagers and farmers. And they are prepared to die for a cause, however wrong the cause may be, not get themselves arrested and later work out a deal by which they may be exchanged for hostage.

Which brings me to the other big story of the morning – the release of Mr. Doraiswamy. His release, it may be said, was expected, but it was expected almost every day for the last two months. How many times have we read the headline – Doraiswamy read the headline – Dooraiswamy to be released this afternoon! Now that he is released, he may look back on his reperience as an adventure and, perhaps, write a book on it.

As for Mr. Julio Ribero, the long arm of the militants has extended up to Bucharest. Which just goes to show there is no place to hide from a determined enemy.

The other news comes from Soviet Union, where there is likely to be a second Russian Revolution. Not Mr. Gorbachov but Mr. Yeltsin, it would seem, could be the man of the hour. And the whole world has a stake in this revolution, not just the working classes of the world.

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