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   And, for the last Saturday of the year..... (December 28, 1985)

And, for the last Saturday of the year, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work).

Like it is not strange that the year should have begun with the Congress and ended with the Congress. After all, the Congress is (was) the nation and vice versa.

Like the best thing about Mr. Gandhi is that he makes both the Congress and politicians in general look sophisticated.

Like it has been a good year for Mr. Gandhi, a good year for the opposition in Punjab and Assam, a bad year for the opposition elsewhere, a bad year for industrialists, a good-bad year for Indian cricket, a good year for Doordarshan a bad year for the Hindi cinema, fairly good year for the country.

Like I do not wish to belittle Mr. Murli Deora's efforts, but I maintain that Mr. S.K. Patil would have organised the session much better and spent much more money on it.

And I do not grudge the Congress spending money on its celebrations. After all, it is the party's money, not the country's.

Like the only people who have any cause to complain are the Mahalaxmi racegoers and the CCI members. And the racegoers. Will have a lot more to complain about, considering it will take one full season to repair the damage done to the racecourse.

Like the best thing about the current session is the rise of the new type of Congressman, a cross between airline pilot, paint company executive and a film actor.

And the most interesting slogans this week are not those of the Congress but those of the Shiv Sena, which is making it quite clear that Bombay is Mumbai.

Like I notice everybody is writing when his Congress died. Mr. Morarji Desai's Congress died comparatively recently, Mr. Morarji Desai's Congress Died comparatively recently, Mr. Minoo Masani's Congress died before Mr. Desai's Mr. Masani's Meanwhile, the Congress today enters its second century.

And, eventually, everything seems pointless when one realises that not one single person celebrating the present centenary will be alive to celebrate the next one. You build for some body else to live on, that is the way of life.

And this final point of view.

Remember, tomorrow evening, Azad Maidan chaliye, Rajivji ko suniye.

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