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   And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (August 2, 1986)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like my idea of a good and democratic Congressman is Mr. H. K. L. Bhagat. When he does not like something, such as rise in cooking gas prices without informing him, he speaks his mind and brings the prime minister around.

And, not right now, but I think in March, we can expect Mr. Bhagat going Mr. Pranab Mukherjee’s way.

Like, I understand, the strike at the Delhi University is over. And I am Mentioning this because it must be a major event in the nation’s life, considering that M. J. Akbar’s Newsline devoted ten full minutes to it. (Staff’s problem No. 2 housing). Makes you think about those days when the chief ministers of Bihar. Orissa and Rajasthan were established as liars by the same Newsline.

Like tomorrow is the Chinese New Year. Kung Hai Faat Choy. And a happy Year of The Tiger.

Like I notice that the Catholic priests are rehearsing at Shivaji Park. Takes my mind back to school assemblies in all those missionary schools, four annas fine for forgetting to wear the tie.

Like I wonder how big and significant an event is the Pope’s visit to India, especially as this not the first time a Pope is visiting India. and the most interesting thing about the visit is the Pope mobile, it looks like a moving bed with a mosquito net. Not very dignified, I am afraid, but then security has forced our own Mr. Gandhi to go about wearing a blanket.

And all this talk of Hindus being converted to Christianity is absurd. If after centuries of trying by Christian missionaries, with all the schools they built, hospitals, churches, cathedrals, the vast majority of the people have continued to be Hindus, how could a fleeting visit of a Pope convert them now.

Like the divisions in India are not between the rich and the poor, the Hindus and minorities, employers and employers, jawans and kissans, urban population and rural population. The only division is between people who are politicians and people who are not.

And it is amazing how fast Mr. Rajiv Gandhi has been politicised.

Like the only thing everybody seems to be agreed on, except perhaps Mr. Jagdish Tytler, is that it is far, far better to have Rajiv Gandhi as prime minister than Sanjay Gandhi.

And this final forecast:

And my forecast is that India should win, rather easily, tomorrow early morning at Melbourne and square the finals.

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