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   And, for a Saturday, few stray thoughts... (November 1, 1986)

And, for a Saturday, few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like I cannot speak for the rest of the day, but the morning was not good for Kapil Dev, as the New Zealand batsmen continued to find large gaps in the field and scoring and, Kapil Dev, large as life on the TV screen, wrung his hands in frustration.

Like the Aystralians may be the bottom of the cricket ladder right now, but they are the champions of cricket coverage was good last year, if was better than good last year, it was better than good this morning with everything computerised.

Like I do not think any people anywhere live as well as the Australians. They must be the world's greatest outdoor nation, easy, informal, beer-drinking, basking in the sun. If I ever decided to live or work abroad and could manage it, I would choose Australia first and Dubai and the other emirates of the second-last, but that would be because of the English people, not the country.

Like some people are saying it is almost like emergency all over again, with raids on everybody, arrests, jail custoday, investigations, a virulent attack on the judiciary by Mr. Ansari (not Khalid A.H. and the prime minister more or less approving it.

And I do not think exporting beedi leaves and betel-nuts is restoring trade and commerce between India and Pakistan. A beginning, possibly, but a very, very small beginning.

And I continue to believe that for establishment of any genuine relations with the people of Pakistan, General Zia would have to go and Pakistan return to democracy.

Like the model for new governments in Indian states should be the young Assam government. First in the states then at the centre. Or, as a second, though much less desired alternative like Mr. Hegde's government in Bangalore.

And one forecast I would like to make. Before Mr. Chandra Shekhar gives up his party presidentship, Mr. Vajpayee will give up his.

And the two major mistakes the Janata made were making a strong and stubborn man like Mr. Moraji Desai the prime minister and an amiable and undecided man like Mr. Shekhar the president.

Like by the next weekend, the winter in Bomaby will end. So enjoy this weekend.

And this final point of view.

That it is interesting to note that after all the grand plans of the Shiv Sena to change the quality and contents of life in Bombay, it has finally decided to be content with changing the name of Bombay to mumbai.

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