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   And, on the eve of Republic Day... (January 25, 1986)

And, on the eve of Republic Day, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like, seen from one angle, R-Day looks like D-Day. And I wonder if Mr. Gandhi's efforts have brought us nearer a Punjab solution or moved us farther from it.

Like not many people seem to be aware that today is the last day for Bombay to be Bombay. From tomorrow it will be Mumbai.

Like Saturday is going to be bright and cheerful (hopefully) with New Zelaland all out and a comfortable strike-rate for India. And it is a pity that the world's greatest batsman should also be the most controversial.

And I would put Richard Hadlee above Ian Botham and Kapil Dev as the world's greatest all-rounder. And I would put Ravi Shastri very near these.

Like, according to my calculations, and they may be totally wrong, if India win today and they win against Australia tomorrow and New Zealand lose to Australia the day after, then India should be in the best-of-three finals, no matter what the results of the other games may turn out to be.

And I have also worked out what has gone wrong with the Rajani programme on television. It is that Rajani has started taking herself seriously and there is no humour left in the programme. Which is like putting on the TV to watch Mrs. Mrinal Gore.

And I continue to believe that the most professional programme produced on Doordarshan to date has been Simi Garewal's Woman's World. It is a pity Mrs. Amrita Malik did not like it, but then it was not meant for women in her age-group.

And the next best produced programmes have been the prime ministers' tours of tribal areas. Though with the use of so many camers and technicians they should be. And it would be a pity if Mr. Vithal Gadgil takes Mr. Gandhi seriously and stops the programmes.

Like only the people of Delhi would turn out in their thousands year after year after year to watch the R-Day parade. Because, if you have seen all. And that is why Delhi is the capital and Bombay is only Mumbai.

Like, as I write this, in Adelaide they are having the interval between innings.

And this final point of view:

That Mr. Gandhi may not have solved the Punjab problem, but he has solved the Assam problem.

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