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   And, for a Saturday a few stray thoughts... (July 6, 1986)

And, for a Saturday a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like there was a time when you had only cricket on TV, now you have only football on TV. And the situation will continue till there are several more channels, at least four in all.

Like last night's first tow games were not worth waiting up to watch. The third I did not wait up to watch.

And I prefer watching cricket to football. The main reason being that India is not playing in the World Cup football. Not, judging from the standard of play of the World Cup teams, big and small, is India likely to qualify in the next 50 years.

Like Chief Minister Chavan should look into the Shiv Sena's complaint that the Karnataka authorities were traying to frame Mr. Chhagan Bhujbal and his party of satyagrahis by accusing them of murder, arson and rioting. Because, looked at it from any angle, the killing of for people, the bring of a policeman and mobs in the street with missiles does not amount to murder, arson and rioting. Of course, derailing of a train is another matter.

And it is my view that everywhere in India and on all occasions, unnecessary issues are raised and troubles started by politicians of all parties, without exception. And when the people take up these issues, it is the government of these politicians that order the people to be arrested, to be fired upon.

And I do not understand why, in the evening of his life, Mr. S. M. Joshi, a respected, selfless, non-ambitious politican, had to take up a non-cause such as this. And as for Mr. Sharad Pawar, I think he has forfeited his chances of becoming a chief minister.

And just because Mr. Pawar does not carry a gun on him does not make him any less of a dangerous element to the nation. Comparisons being odious, we will not compare him with anybody else.

Like politics throws up some great leaders by accident. It may well happen that in the Punjab Haryana affair, where all politicians failed to bring about a solution, Mr. Buta Singh has succeeded. And knowing this, Mr. Arun Nehru may get another heart-attack.

Like poor Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, he must have finally realised that being a prime minister is much more than appearing on Doordarshan and being received by foreign presidents and prime ministers.

Like, actually, the world is a happy place: football, cricket, tennis, new movies, Bottoms-Up.

And this final point of view:

That it is my feeling that Sunil Gavaskar will get his century in his present innings a tLord's; he has got both he determination and the ability to do so. And the best of luck to him.

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