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   And, for a rainy Saturday morning... (September 20, 1986)

And, for a rainy Saturday morning, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like it always rains after Ganapati, and this is not what the weather experts say, it is what the public is never wrong.

And I have never liked rains even in season. Off-season, I find them very discomforting. These are the kind of days when people die and go to hell.

Like confidence is a quality you do not have to be born with, you develop it. consider Mr. Gandhi, a few years back he was so timid and withdrawn and thought he would be totally inadequate in public life. Now he thinks he is absolutely necessary for the nation.

And public life is a strange thing, the moment you are out of it, you are a nobody. Consider Mr. Romesh Bhadari, from being a jet-age statesman, he has been reduced to being one of the many Congress-I hangers-on. Somebody should retire gracefully like Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Pandit or Field-Marshal Cariappa and stay in a hill-station and write his memoirs.

And Mr. Natwar Singh is another example, but then I had never thought of him as a jet-age statesman. I have also never thought of him as a good writer or a TV personality.

Like, I think, too much is being made out of newspaper proprietors changing and new people buying over old newspapers. It is when the editors change that it matters, and, more important, the news editor. And any old journalist, so long as he does not work in The Times of India, The Hindu and The Hindustan Times, will tell you that a paper's lifeline is the news editor.

Like, one day, after my time for retirement has arrived, instead of hanging on like Mr. Bhandari, I will write a book on the workings of various newspapers.

And these stray thoughts:

Like the Indians are literally having their noses rubbed into the Madras dust by a young and inexperienced Australian team.

And that is also misplaced confidence. In fact, our Kapil Dev, after a single series victory, had become so confident that he thought he could do without Gavaskar.

Like, as things stand, India can either draw this Test or lose it, and it will all depend on one man and his batting-Sunil Gavaskar.

And, with that, the whole country can turn its hopes to hockey and the Asian title.

That one forecast for India at Seoul that I can make is that the women's team will do well, the men's will not.

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