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   And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (September 27, 1986)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like the first week is almost over at Seoul and on Saturday morning India is with just tow silver and three bronze, behind Hong Kong and Philippines and Malaysia, and the football team is already out and half a dozen others almost out.

Like the second week should be better. Though, it is a shame that all the hopes should rest on a single woman, not to mention that two of the five medals obtained so far have been from a woman.

Like after Tokyo and Bangkok and New Delhi, the TV coverage from Seoul is a bit of a letdown. And the title tune and introductory titles to the highlights every evening are becoming very irritating. They appear more like introductions to Cyrus Bharuch's Wings of Fire.

And sitting here this morning and watching the Indian girls play Hong Kong in the hockey is not a game meant for women. Tennis is, and basketball very definitely, and may be volleyball, and, yes, gymnastics, but not hockey, and certainly not cricket.

Like, if in the Madras Test, cricket had won, it looks like in the Delhi Test the rains will win.

And, I think, the selectors have started experimenting with the team a little prematurely. First, they have to assure that the series is safe with India, then, in the final games, start experimenting with new players. And what I do not understand most of all is why experiment with Gavaskar's place, when he is still the best batsman in the team and likely to continue to be so for several seasons to come.

And these stray thoughts:

Like I wonder when Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is going to announce his new team. And how many of the old members will be retained in the new team. And does it really matter what team it is as long as Mr. Gandhi continues to be the captain?

Like in the beginning there were these occasional items of news that Mr. Gandhi is tired of being a prime minister and misses the times when he was simple airline pilot. Now Mr. Gandhi is evidently enjoying being a prime minister and there are no more such items.

Like power attracts and absolute power attracts absolutely.

Like nobody is going to solve the Punjab issue, neither the Akali government nor the prime minister, it will die out on its own and in another three years nobody will be talking about it. And though it will not be given, credit for it will go to men like Mr. Julio Ribeiro and his officers who are silently doing their job.

And this final point of view:

That in the case of India's international sportsmen the theory applies- Winning or losing is secondary, it is participation that matters.

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