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   And for the Saturday of another milestone... (October 18, 1986)

And for the Saturday of another milestone in Sunil Gavaskar's life, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work).

Like ability, talents, discipline, determination, guts, our man Gavaskar is a combination of all these. Not, just a cricket, in any field of life, if he so desires, he can be an outstanding success.

Like some of the credit for this should go to St.Xavier's school and college (more school), and a large part of it to Bombay whose demanding style of living does occasionally thrown up such people.

And I believe that a lot of Gavaskar's success is due to his wife, a lady of great determination and immense confidence in her husband.

Like I notice that nightly we are being provided with a special televised programme of the prime minister's press conferences in the various cities that he visits. And though the press conferences may be fine for the local newspapers of those countries, they are a bore for Indian viewers, because after all the prime minister is only repeating himself.

And the only interesting part is all those gawky Deli journalists asking questions and showing themselves on the TV screens to their families' back home.

And one thing I am convinced about is that the prime minister has learnt so much about projecting himself, that he will not be requiring the services of Rediffusion in the next elections.

Like there is so much to admire in P.C.Sethi. Not every congressman calls a spade Arjun Singh, at least not till he is removed from the party.

And there is much to admire in Mr.Pritish Nandy also. Not every journalist has the knack of getting Congressman into serious trouble.

Like I find it as little absurd that we should be so concerned with nuclear proliferation treaties and test bans when we cannot contain ordinary terrorists with swords and country made revolvers.

And the important part is that the big powers (big meaning really big, a half century ahead of us) are not going to listen to us just because we make a few speeches and issue a few public statements, or the newspapers (exclusively Indian) announce that the prime minister launched a blistering attack on the nuclear power states.

Like the saddest part of the week's news is that both India and Pakistan have finished right at the bottom of the world hockey nations.

And the final point of view:

That the way Sunil Gavaskar is going about these days, batting, feilding, talking, it looks like he is just starting his next innings.

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