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   And, for a Saturday in December... (December 13, 1986)

And, for a Saturday in December, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like the winter is very definitely here: you can see it in the bluing of the skies, the thinning of the trees, scent it in the air.

Like Mr. Sharad Joshi seems to be determined to prove that the opposition is not dead just because Mr. Sharad pawar's party has joined the Congress-I and Mr. Chandra Shekahar's party may be joining it. And he is proving it quite adequately.

Like these are causes to fight for Ė the welfare of the small farmers, the rural labour, the cotton and tobacco grower, not Mr. V. P. Singh's Kirloshars and Bajajs. And if not Mr. Joshi's hert, at least his motives are in the right place.

Like the only Maharashtra minister who I think is fit to go to the centre and handle a union minister's post is Dr. Shrikant Jickhar. He is educated, qualified, knowledgeable, broadminded, able, he is also young.

And if Mr. S. B. Chavan is removed as chief minister of Maharashtra, I do not see much prospects of his going back to the centre. Most probably he would get a party post and he would be quite good at it.

Like I do not know if you noticed it, but at least on Doordarshan there was no sign of the familiar Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer taking notes during Mr. Gandhi's latest grand tour of the rural areas of Jammu. And if I was one of those New Delhi political analysts, I would be reading all sorts of meanings into this absence.

Like what exactly Mr. Romesh Bhandari is doing these days and how he is making a living, I do not know. Congress party cell for foreign affairs is not exactly a job for a professional man. It is not even a club for armchair debaters.

Like you are advised to forget the Rs. 100 crore that Mr. Gandhi had promised Bombay. If the promise has not been met for a year now, it is never going to be met.

Like in old days when Indian cricketers failed on a tour, there were explanations, excuses by the manager and the captain. Now, when they fail badly, as Kapil Dev and his men did in Sharjah topping only poor Sri Lanka, they do not think they owe an explanation.

Like I can visualise a series of draws against Sri Lanka. And another series of draws against Pakistan.

Like there are times when I wonder whether we are all not being unfair to Amitabh Bachchan. After all, the man is only an actor and in hiw own job of acting he is the best.

And this final point of view:

That when other ministers are sacked, they go back to their native villages and towas. When Mr. Arun Nehru is sacked, he goes for holidays to England and the US.

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