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   And, for the last Saturday of 1986... (December 27, 1986)

And, for the last Saturday of 1986, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like it has been a bad year for the country and for Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

Like the law and order situation reached its lowest ebb when, by the end of the year, violence had spread to peaceful, pastoral Goa. And that too at X'mas time. And, as for Mr. Gandhi, he was transformed during the year from the man who believes in action and taking decisions to the man who goes on tours and makes speeches.

Like I do not see how national integration may be achieved with Mr. B. A. Desai taking out a morcha from Azad Maidan to Nare Park in Parel and Mr. Arjun Singh standing in a truck and saluting it.

And I can tell you one thing Ė Dr. Datta Samant's great agitation and rasta roko in the city in the new year is going t be a flop. Because there is a period in a man's life when he is at the top, then he starts going down, and this is particularly true about trade union leaders with vast following of workers. It happened to Mr. George Fernandes and it started happening to Dr. Samant since the textile strike.

Like this is the time of the year when an astrologer can safely forecast that you will be surprised by a communication from a long lost and almost forgotten friend. Because invariable one New Year greeting card turns up from some such person.

Like I have worked out a theory. Whom we call rich, the Rs. 25,000 a month bracket, company house and car, leave allowance, company servants, would be only the upper middle-class in any other country in the world. The real rich are the Birlas,, Tatas, Mafatlals, Morarkas, the Dhirubhai Ambanis.

Like the best way to celebrate the New Year is to do so without making any fresh resolutions. Take life as it comes, because, whether you want it or not, life takes its own course.

Like the only ambition I have left in life is to celebrate the year 2001 and see Mr. Gandhi's 21st century.

And when India enters the 21st century, the United States, Japan, United Germany, will be entering the 23rd century. Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar, make a note.

And this final point of view:

That sometimes I feel the Parsis are the only sensible people in India. Not only do they have no problems with other communities, they also tend to treat all the holidays of the other communities as their own.

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