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   And for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (March 17, 1990)

And for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like it has not been specified: whether Mr. Devi Lal has resigned only as deputy prime minister, or both as deputy prime minister and minister for agriculture.

And I believe the resignation will be withdrawn, probably today and definitely be Monday. Though, knowing the kind of man Mr. V.P. Singh is, he may not accept the withdrawl of the resignation.

Like, I think, at least two more persons should resign from the cabinet to make it stronger and wiser. And I am not mentioning the names because everybody knows them.

Like, I think. Mr. George Fernandeds is the right minister to have been chosen for Kashmir. At least, he has the physical courage to go there and meet the people.

And one thing about our journalists. They may have in recent times become bold and brave and investigative, but most of them have run away from Kashmir in fear of their lives.

Like even if this Observer reporter was spy, the Iraq government should not have executed him. It just goes to show that it is an uncivilised government.

Like if ever a Congressman crosses over to the Janata Dal, the first will be Mr. Vasant Sathe. I may be totally off the mark but I can see him preparing the ground.

Like what I look forward to most on budget days is Mr. Prannoy Roy's programme on TV and all those interviews with chaiwallas and rickshaw-drvers in Connaught Place. Also, Doordarshan's correspondents at share-bazars in various cities shouting their lungs out. And as it is they all have bad voices, totally unsuited for the microphone.

Like I have just found out that the hep people in Delhi refer to Connaught Place as C.P. In Bombay, the only thing we call C.P. is C.P. Tank.

Like soon we will be selecting our cricket feam for Sharjah and England and the only person definitely going on the tours in Bishan Singh Bedi.

And, if I may suggest, one place should be reserved for Ravi Shastri. He is getting married tomorrow and it would make a perfect wedding present. Not that wedding present. Not that wedding or otherwise, he does not deserve a place in the team.

And this final point of view:

That judging from the reactions on the Congress party, it would look that they are under the impression that with the resignation of Devi Lala, the government would fall. The only only way the government would fall is if V.P. Singh resign, nobody else.

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