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   And, for a Saturday after many thoughtless Saturdays... (December 19, 1987)

And, for a Saturday after many thoughtless Saturdays, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work).

Like I fail to understand why Mr. Shankarrao Chavan should resign because of the Congress candidate losing an insignificant by-election in a Bombay suburb when Mr. Rajiv Gandhi has lost elections in four-and-a-half states and has not even thought of resigning.

And I do also do not understand how the Shiv Sena has arrived and become a great force in state politics when all it has got is a sum total of two members in the assembly.

Like I am convinced that if Mr. Bal Thackeray had been a better and more successful cartoonist than R.K. Laxman, he would never have gone into politics.

Like instead of finding fault with the police for the Vile Parle defeat, the chief minister should find out what the BRCC big-wigs like Mr. Murli Deora and Mr. Moti Daryanani were doing to obtain votes for their candidate.

Like the union cabinet holding its meeting at the Sariska tiger sanctuary is like a bankrupt company holding its annual general meeting at the Taj Mahal Hotel.

Like the Benazir Bhutto wedding may be a glamorous event, but neither the bride nor the groom exactly make a handsome couple. And, if Shatrughan Sinha is a friend of President Zia-ul Haq, it now seems that Sunil Dutt is a friend of the next President, Benazir Bhutto.

Like I am convinced that the present lot of Air-India heads cannot salvage Air-India's reputation. Not one among them has the guts to tell the prime minister he cannot hold up the airline's commercial traffic by reserving two aircraft for himself on his foreign trips.

And I do not think there should be many more foreign trips now that the Soviets and the Americans have started talking among them salves and evidently do not need an intermediary to fly between Moscow and Washington,, accompanied by ministers, officials and the press, and talk for them.

Like one way Dilop Vengsarkar has of stopping the cricket board from taking action against the sober and reasoned column that he is writing is to announce that henceforth he will write it free.

And one thing I must admit is that I never thought that Vengsarkar would make a good captain. Not only he has made an excellent captain, but Kapil Dev has made an excellent player under him.

And it is disgusting the way the Maharashtra government and the Bombay municipal corporation go on promising Gavaskar the land for his school and then not do anything beyond that.

And this final point of view:

That it is a pleasant coincidence that both the last sheriff and the new sheriff, Mr. Jehangir Nicholson, are art patrons and collectors.

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