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   And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (September 19, 1987)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like the opposition must be kicking itself on its righteous backside for having refused to be on the parliamentary committee to inquire into the Bofors deal and thus having deprived itself of the opportunity of questioning the visitors from Seden.

And gentlemen like Mr. George Fernandes and others, including the entire combined opposition deputation, for going to Sweden to question the Bofors people and not being able to do so in New Delhi.

Like I am convinced that if the Congress is corrupt, and a large body of it is, then the opposition is inefficient. You may make your choice.

And if a people deserve the government they get, they also deserve the opposition they get.

And I do not know if you have noticed it but slowly Mr. V. P. Singh is going out of the news. And Mr. Arun Nehru, after one final burst of pictures of his face on the covers of all the magazines, is already out of the news. Except if the government wants to associate him with some scandal.

Like I do not know about Amitabh Bachchan, but Sunil Dutt seems to have returned to films. But then he had never gone out of it, he had maintained a fine balance between his film and political life. And, poor, poor Rajesh Khanna, before he was into politics, he is out of it.

And apropos the Bachchans, they may have been cleared of taking any kickbacks from Bofors, but the apartment in Switzerland is still to be explained.

Like now it appears that the young woman in Rajasthan did not comit sati all that voluntarily, at least not during the final moments. According to one report, heavy firewood was placed on her and, as the fire was lit, she struggled to get out from under it. And not one young Rajput helped her out. So much for Rajput chivalry.

And it is not enough to transfer the district collector and the local superintendent of police, the Rajasthan government should resign for its failure to prevent sati in the state.

And, apropos the controversy between Doordarshan and the cricket board, I think it is about time Doordarshan started paying fat fees for televising cricket matches and other sports events. It does pay for sports fixtures it televises from abroad, so why not at home also.

And the cricket board does not want any charity from the government, by way of financial assistance, as suggested by Mr. Panja, what it wants is its dues.

Like we have a long series of ineffective information and broad casting ministers, with the single exception of Mr. Vasant Sathe, and Mr. Ajit Panja is the most ineffective of them all.

And I read the scenario thus. A stalemate will be reached between the cricket board and to ministry and bot the parties will finally go to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi to help them out Mr. Gandhi will tell Doordarshan to pay a certain percentage to the board, the matter will be solved, people will be able to watch the Reliance Cup on TV, and Mr. Gandhi will become a popular hero.

And, this final point of view:

That, according to the Bofors chief no Indians have been paid commission. Then, who has been paid? Americans or Russians!

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