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   And, for one more Saturday (April 14, 1990)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like, when Mr. Gandhi was the prime minister, his coterie used to run the country. Now, when Mr. V.P. Singh is the prime minister, the BJP is not runing the country. At least, not yet.

Like while I applaud Mr. V.P. Singh returning to Punjab with minimum security and against the advice of the intelligence bureau (what intelligence bureau!) a lot of people feel that he should not take unnecessary risks. Their greatest worry is that if anything happens to him, Mr. Devi Lal would become the prime minister.

And I do not agree that Mr. Chnadra Shekhar, given the chnace, would make a good prime minister. If you cannot be a team member, you cannot be a team leader.

Like, I think, Oberoi has come out rather well from its test of fire. Though now the whole world knows that its occupancy is 80 per cent, and not 100 per cent.

Like we do talk glibly about another war. What we do not seem to realise is what we in Bombay have had absolutely no experience of a war Ė ever. This time, if there is a war, it will not be skirmishes at the borders, cities will be attacked and Bombay will be a prime target.

Like if it is wrong for the Kashmir to burn the Indian flag, it is also wrong for the BJP to burn the Pakistan flag. And I think it is a subject worth discussing.

Like one of the unfortunate fallouts of the present conflict with Pakistan is that India may not participate in the coming Sharjah cricket tournament. And the decision not to participate would make sense, because there are several thousand more Pakistanis than Indians in Sharjah and most of them are unsporting and would haras and hoot our team.

Like the cricket to watch is tomorrow, in Bombay, and for Eknath Solkar.

Like the most latest game, as far as India is concerned; must be not gold, but squash.

Like more columns have been filed on Ben Kingsley in one week than on Rekha in one year.

And this final point of view:

That the crisis in Kashmir seems to have solved the crisis in Punjab.

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