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   And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (May 5, 1990)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work)

Like the way Mr. Rajiv Gandhi used to go around roral areas firing local partymen and district collectors in full view of the public and the press, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi is going around urban areas publicly firing local councillors and environment officials.

Like given the kind of indifferent government we have and the kind of inefficient municipality that we have, what can a salaried environment official do! Beyond resigning his job, of course. But that will not make Chembur any cleaner.

Like one thing I am giving in writing: if Mrs. Maneka Gandhi ever becomes a prime minister, she will be as dictorial as her last two in-laws were.

Like, in the long run, I think what any democracy needs is a V.P. Singh. A prime minister who keeps himself in the background, works with the consunsus of his cabinet, the members of his party, is responsive to criticm from the opposition, can run his government in collaboration with other parties. Not a prime minister who is in a hurry and wants to drag his country into the 21st century, no matter what the consequences to individual freedom and democratic institutions.

Like I think it is wrong to dismis these people from various communities and religions, who are marching towards Thane today, as Jehangir Art Gallery types. Because, if there were more Jehangir Art Gallery types in this country, there would be ewer Punjab and Kashmir tragedies.

Like one person who seems to be gowing yournger with year is Mrs. Margaret Thatcher. And, along the way, she has desproved the general theory that women do not make good prime ministers. Mrs. Golda Meir may also have been a good prime minister, but that was in special circumstances, like Winston Churchill was for England during the war.

And these stray thoughts:

Like it would be unwise to take up Imran Khan's offer settle all India-Pakistan conflicts on cricket and hockey fields. We will lose every time. Besides, it is cheaper to maintain an army (navy and air force) than even Test cricketers.

And one aspect that is difficult to understand is: Pakistan's cricket administration is a lot worse than ours, still it produces better cricketers.

And one surprise from the selectors that I would be happy to accept is making Ravi Shastri captain for the tour of England.

And this final point of view.

That I do not know how Maneka Gandhi's performance as a minister rates with that of Rajiv Gandhi, but it is certainty far superior to that of Benazir Bhutto.

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