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   And, with three Saturdays to go for the collapse... (July 14, 1990)

And, with three Saturdays to go for the collapse of Mr. V.P. Singh's government, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like, from here on, I can tell you the scenario: Mr. V.P. Singh will make his classic move, he will resign, declaring that he cannot head a government in which his ministers do not have confidence in him. Mr. Devi Lal will become the prime minister, his government will collpse. There will be a midtern poll. Anybody may win, but the country will lose.

Like I can understand anything, I can understand Mr. Devi Lal's pursuit of power, his burning ambition to become the prime ministr, but I cannot understand his obsession with his son. Because the son is not a little boy, he is a full-grown, elderly man, himself of the age to be a grandfather, and probably is.

Like my advice to the prime minister is that if Mr. Arun Nehru and Mr. Arif Mohammad Khan have resigned, he should thank them and immediately accept their resignation and ask them to leave their ministerial houses and hand over their cars, servants, secretaries. And no more ringing up Oberoi and getting tiffins from there.

Getting out go the area of influence of Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar seems to have helped Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Whereas he would have made a long statement now, denouncing the government, he has quietly and efectively stated that it is an internal matter of the Janata Dal.

Like whatever else may be said, the fact remains that the ministers in the present government have the guts to differ and resign, in similar circumstances, Mr. Gandhi's ministers, and of Congress governments preceding his, have sat quiet like mice and hung on to their chairs. So let us underatnd what is a democratic government and what is not.

Like Mr. Chaggan Bhujbal has announced that, if the home department were to be handed over to the mayor, he would clear Bombay of crime. Which may be true. But what I like to know is whether the mayor will clear the criminals with the help of his municipal engineers.

Like suddenly, with all this hassle around, it does not matter one bit whether Mrs. Maneka or stays. Which establishes what I have always felt, that environment is elitist concern in India. Or, for that matter, anywhere else in the world.

And this final point of view:

That in the death of A.F.S. Talyar Khan the country has lost its first, its oldest and its most articulate sports commenator. The CCI, which was his home, can honour him, not by renaming the Brabourne Stadium after him (because I am against the renaming of places), but sponsoring in toto a national school's cricket tournament in his name.

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