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   And, for a Saturday... (June 23, 1990)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general opinions and a few point of view (all my own work):

Like we all know that the police are crooked, and lawyers are crooked (to be a good lawyer, you have to be a bit of a crook), but to think that even judges are crooked. Now who do we trust!

Like poor Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde. He is not the prime minister and he is not a minister, he is only deputy chairman of the planning commission. And even that they want him to resign.

Like since minister draw salaries apart from the tremendous perks, they should also he made to compulsorily attned work. I mean, look at Mr. Devi Lal, he has taken a week off at a naturopathy clinic, without taking sick leave, and now he is planing to spend another week there.

And when Mr. Devi Lal argues, as he is doing more and more often now, that since he was reponsible for the bringing together of the different parties for the formation of the Janata Dal and for the defeat of the Congress, so he should be made prime minister, he is sounding exactly like those freedom fighters who claim but because they for the country's freedom, they should be given pesions and free railway tickets.

Like to poor Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde, I would also like to add poor Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Here he is travelling from state to state (in Indian Airlines and Indian Railways), making friends, influencing people, and not a line appears. If only the government were to take him to court for making money out of Bofors or something else, he will be back in the news.

Like, I notice, the prime minister has instructed that all Mrs. Maneka Gandhi's powers as minister for environment should be restored. Which should make her happy and life could not be greener for her. But what the prime minister has not made clear, in his usual vague way, is whether the Delhi zoo now goes to Mr. Nilamani Routray.

And, these stray thoughts:

Like the great tragedy is that not only has India become a second rate hockey nation but so has Pakistan.

And I find it amusing, the Calcutta papers carrying expert comments on the World Cup from its local Bengal scoccer players.

And I wonder if you would agree with me on this point: if Punjab has ruined Indian hockey, Bengal has ruined Indian football.

Like we seem to be living on various sports activities. The World Cup in Italy, Wimbledon in England, Mike Tyson in Las Vegas.

And this final point of view:

That the real World Cup starts tonight.

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